Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernel

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Wild Pistachio Kernel

Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernel

Do you know the Wild Pistachio Kernel? Iran have 2 different types of pistachios grow in mountains. One of them is Iranian Wild Pistachios and one another is Mountainous Pistachios.

Wild green pistachio kernels, also known as forest pistachios, taste very good.
Due to its good taste as well as its green color, this product is available in the market by different buyers in bulk.

Of course, wild pistachio kernels are different from Mountainous type.

Comparison of Wild Pistachio with Mountainous Pistachio

Mountainous Pistachio

The Mountainous pistachio is round in shape and has a hard skin.
This pistachio has a green color and its size is small (the picture above is related to Mountainous pistachios).

But wild pistachios are similar in appearance to orchards pistachios (regular type).
Wild pistachios grow in mountainous areas of the east of Iran, especially in Khorasan province.
Of course, a high percentage of the growing areas of this product is in the Iranian border near Sarakhs, and this product is producing in Afghanistan several times more than Iranian products.
In this regard, wild pistachio kernel also calls Harati pistachio kernel.

Forest (Wild) pistachios and Mountainous pistachios are both relatively smaller in size than Iranian regular pistachios.
To produce wild pistachio kernels, the same devices use that exist to crack regular pistachios, but with a few special adjustments on the devices that make by experts.

The main center of wild pistachio production is in the eastern highlands of Khorasan province.
And the center of Mountainous pistachio production is the center of Iran, especially Shiraz province.

Wild Pistachios Features

Wild Pistachios Features

Wild pistachios and pistachio kernels have many characteristics, some of which are among the most important and significant.

Being organic:

Due to its natural growth, wild pistachios grow in mountainous areas away from any pesticides.
On the other hand, to cultivate this product, it is not necessary to use any kind of fertilizer and poison.
Although no serious action has been taken in Iran to obtain organic certification of wild pistachio, but buyers can use health analyzes and test results.

Good taste:

Wild pistachio kernels taste very good in comparison with other types of pistachio kernels.
The reason for this claim can be the demand of many buyers in different feilds for this products.
To be more precise, many producers of Turkish Delights (Lokum) and traditional ice cream use this product.

Green color:

Wild green pistachio kernels are well known in the market and in many cases the powder of this product is buying/selling in the market.
The wonderful green color of wild pistachio kernels also creates good demand in international markets.
Many traders combine wild green pistachio kernel powder with other powders to color their products, especially in the field of pistachio powder.

How to Buy Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernel

Wild Pistachio Kernel

The best way to buy bulk wild green pistachio kernels at a cheap price is to buy from the cracking units of this product near its production areas.
In Iran, this product can find in abundance in Sarakhs region. But it is easier to communicate with Mashhad wholesale market.

Wild kernels, as mentioned above, can also be purchased in the Afghan market.

Sometimes in low volume, pistachio kernels sends to Iran by Herat-Mashhad taxis with passengers.
A noteworthy point in the major purchase of wild kernels is the absence of hard pistachio shell in the load.

Since these products are small, sometimes when the pistachio cracks, some of its shells not separate and it is present in the pistachio kernel.
These foreign substances increase the possibility of harm to the consumer and must process carefully enough.

Wild Pistachio Kernels Wholesale Center

Wild Pistachio Wholesale

Artin Nuts and Dried Fruits Factory is one of the suppliers of wild pistachio kernels in Iran.

In this factory, both Iranian and Afghan pistachio products are selling in bulk.
This commercial production unit operates in Mashhad and distributes its products throughout Iran.
Also, there are so many target countries that Artin company exports its products to them.

The target markets of wild kernels in Iran and other countries are the following:

  • Bakeries
  • Gaz production centers
  • Confectionaries
  • Lokum and Halva production centers
  • Ice cream makers
  • Protein factories

There is a wide market for this product along with other pistachio kernels in Iran.
You can contact Artin sales department to get pictures, samples and daily prices of wild pistachio kernels.

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