Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernels Major Supply

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Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernels

Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernels Major Supply

Iranian wild pistachio kernels are really green and almost the same as Afghan pistachios. The major supply of this pistachio is in Khorasan.

Green pistachio kernels have competitive prices in various domestic and export markets in large volumes.
This product is one of the most popular options in the market due to its wonderful green color and good taste.

Iranian wild pistachio kernels are also famous in the market with other names: Herati, Afghan, and Forest pistachio kernels.
The reasons for these designations will be as below.
The main production center of this product is in the northeast of Iran. There is where you can see the major supply of Iranian wild pistachio kernels in large quantities.

Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernels Production

Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernels

Wild pistachio grows in the eastern mountains of Iran and the western regions of Afghanistan.
These crops grow naturally in these mountainous areas.
The volume of wild pistachio growth in Afghanistan is much higher than in Iran.

But the field of pistachio kernel production in Iran is more and most wild pistachio kernel producers are located in Iran.
Some buyers confuse this product with Iranian Traditional pistachios call “BANEH”.

BANEH is different from wild pistachios in appearance.
Wild pistachio is exactly similar to Iranian regular pistachios but is much smaller in size.

Due to their good taste and color, Iranian wild pistachio kernels are of interest to various factories and workshops.
Companies that are active in the field of confectionery products are the main buyers of this product in the Iranian market and abroad.
This product is one of the organic products due to its growth without human intervention.

Wild Pistachio Kernels Major Supply

Wild Pistachio Kernels Supply

The wholesale of wild pistachio kernels in Iran is commonly in the east of the country.
Most Iranian wild pistachio kernel production units adjust their devices according to the small size of these pistachios and kernels.
This makes them specialized in the production of this product.

If in the production of the product the settings of the cracking machine are similar to the production of other pistachio kernels, the percentage of halved, granulated, and broken kernels will be very high.

For this reason, some companies are specialized only in the production and major supply of Iranian wild pistachio kernels.
As mentioned in the previous sections, this product is often in use to produce various sweets.

The most important shopping centers for wild pistachio kernels are:

  • Sohan producers
  • Nougat production
  • Lokum producers
  • Various Ice-Cream production units
  • Also, Baklava producers

In recent years, due to the increase in the price of wild pistachio kernels, the popularity of this product in the Iranian market is not that much.
But production units still use a combination of Iranian wild pistachio kernels with other pistachio kernels to have good taste and color.

In addition to the domestic market, the volume of sales of wild pistachio kernels in export markets is also significant.
This product is in use for export to different countries.

The most important buyers of these green pistachio kernels in Iran:

  1. At first, Iraq
  2. Then, Turkey
  3. Also, Ukraine
  4. And sometimes Germany

In the following, we will explain the different ways to inquire about the daily price of wild pistachio kernels.

Wild Pistachios Price Inquiry

Wild Pistachios Price

As you are aware, wild pistachio kernels have two main varieties:

  • Purple Skin Kernels
  • Milky Skin Kernels (Some call them “KAUL”)

One of the most important things that buyers pay attention to is the presence of hard pistachio skin among pistachio kernels.
Due to the small size of the product, there is a possibility of these skins in the middle of the load.
Different collections have used different ways for this.

In the Artin pistachio kernel production unit, in addition to the machines being in their best condition, all products are also sorted manually.
Manual and machine sorting causes the amount of foreign matter in pistachio kernels to reach less than 1%.

This is especially important for confectioners because of the potential for harm to consumers.
Considering all these items as well as the type of packaging, the price of the product is determined.

But since the price fluctuations in the field of nuts, especially pistachios and pistachio kernels are high, it is not possible to enter the price on the website.

But there are different ways to get the price for you.
The easiest way is to fill out the contact forms on the official website of Artin Company.
Our colleagues will contact the registered mobile number as soon as possible.

Other means of communication such as phone calls and messages in WhatsApp are below.

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