Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernels Wholesale & Export/Import

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Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernels Wholesale & Export/Import

Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernels Wholesale & Export/Import

Iranian wild pistachio kernels are a new variety in the wholesale markets and export/import. Wild pistachio kernels are more common.

Wild pistachio kernel is one of the most expensive products in Iran’s pistachio market.
This product is in use in many production workshops due to its good green color and excellent taste.

This type of pistachio is available in its harvest season in some special mountainous regions.
Most of these areas are near the Sarakhs city in Khorasan Province of Iran.

Of course, some of these pistachio trees are in Afghanistan. in fact, some buyers know its name as Afghani pistachio kernels.

Wild Pistachio Kernels Harvest Season

Wild Pistachio Kernels Harvest Season

Wild pistachios are usually harvested from the forests of Iran and Afghanistan.
This product is smaller than ordinary pistachios and its cracking to produce kernels needs a special cracking machine with a special setting.
Of course, this is possible to crack these in-shell pistachios with ordinary cracking machines, but it requires special settings.

This type of pistachio kernel, considering that the world is moving towards the use of organic food, can appear as a phenomenon in the world’s pistachio market and bring good profitability to the traders in charge of buying and selling it.

However, the market price of this product should be such as to maximize customer satisfaction after purchasing the product.
In some years, the Natural Resources Organization does not allow the harvesting of these forests.
This is due to the extinction of some plants in this area.

Of course, these structures are more in Iran, but in Afghanistan, this issue is less visible.
But in Iran, every year, a large part of the forest pistachio harvest is by local people in Sarakhs city.

Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernels Wholesale Centers

Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernels Wholesale Centers

In the dried fruit and wholesale market of Mashhad, many groups are active in the field of wholesale sales of this product.
But in some periods, forest (wild) pistachio kernels become scarce in the market.
Usually, in these cases, the price of the product goes up sharply.

Of course, a large volume of sales of this type of pistachio kernel in Mashhad is Afghani products.
In fact, more than 80% of sales of wild pistachio kernels in Iran are Afghani products. The export/import of these Iranian wild pistachio kernels has an increase each year and the market is getting more familiar with the applications and consumption of this product.

At some points when the route of sending pistachio kernels from Kabul and Herat to Mashhad is difficult, the entry of pistachio kernels into the market reduces.

This lack of supply against high demand causes the price of this product to grow.
But at times when pistachio kernels arrive in abundance by trucks or taxis in Herat-Mashhad, prices are reasonable.

One of the companies active in the field of producing, selling, exporting/importing, and in fact, supplying pistachio kernels is the Artin Pistachio Company.

In this company, different varieties of pistachio kernels are available in bulk. The Artin company not only exports Iranian wild pistachio kernels but also supplies and exports “Green Pistachio Kernels, “Close-Mouth Pistachio Kernels”, “Peeled Pistachio Kernels”, and etc.

Meanwhile, in this collection, pistachio kernels are sorted in two ways and methods before packing in order to be more easily consumed by the workshops.
Both sorting with laser devices and manual sorting are done by manpower in this complex.

Major Pistachio Export/Import from Iran

Major Pistachio Export/Import from Iran

As you are aware, Iran is one of the largest exporters of pistachios nuts and kernels.
This is why you see many Iranian companies and traders active in this field.

But the specialized manufacturers of each product have always tried to sell their products directly.
On the other hand, buyers are looking for the main manufacturers of their products in order to eliminate intermediaries.
Forest (wild) pistachio kernels along with other types of pistachio kernels produced in Iran have a good market.

Different countries buy pistachio kernels from Iran and Afghanistan.
The main buyers of forest pistachio kernels are the following countries:

  • Afghanistan
  • India
  • Iraq
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar

To export Iranian wild pistachio kernels, you should choose the type of kernel according to the needs of customers.
Because this type of pistachio kernel is both in the form of purple-skin and milky-skin.
The milk kernels are actually green and the powder is much greener.

In the Artin Company, these products are in 50 kg bags.
But for customers who intend to store for a long time or the shipping route is the sea, the products are in vacuum packages in 10 kg cartons.

For more information in this regard and the price of the day, you can contact the Artin sales unit.

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