Iranian Zereshk Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters

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Iranian Zereshk Manufacturers

Iranian Zereshk Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters

There are not many Iranian Zereshk manufacturers that are suppliers and exporters to your country. The Artin company is a barberry exporter.

Iranian Zereshk is a product of orchards in the South Khorasan province of Iran.
Many producers in this region of the country prepare Pofaki and Anari barberry.
In fact, if you are searching for Iranian Zereshk manufacturers, you need to search in Khorasan, Iran.

The highest area under organic barberry cultivation in the world is in the cities of South Khorasan province, especially Qa’enat and Birjand.
These cities are the main centers of supply of barberries in Iran and the world.
The above province produces different types of this product, especially red barberries, which after drying are suitable for export purposes.

The barberry market in this area has more price stability due to direct purchases from producers.

Iranian Zereshk Varieties | Artin Red Barberry

Iranian Zereshk Varieties

Among the types of barberry for export/import, the most demand is for Anari and Pofaki barberry.
These two types of barberry have the highest amount in the production units of South Khorasan.

Red barberry varieties of all trees of Khorasan are all the same type.
Iranian Zereshk is Seedless, Edible, and Red.

After harvesting barberry in early autumn each year, the crop dries in different ways.
With different drying methods, Iranian dried Zereshk Manufacturers can produce the two main types of this product.

ANARI Persian Zereshk gets dry under direct sunlight.
But to produce POFAKI barberry, the product gets dry on its branch away from sunlight (in the shade).
With these various methods for drying, the appearance and color of barberries are different from each other.

For example, the color of POFAKI barberry is much lighter than ANARI barberry.
But the percentage of ANARI barberry juice is higher than POFAKI barberry.

For this reason, each of these types is in use for different applications.
For example, for the production of Lokum, ice-cream, chocolate, and some sweets, Iranian Anari Zereshk is better because of its juice.

Dried Barberries Wholesale for Export/Import

Dried Barberries Wholesale

Wholesale of Iranian barberry is often done through production units in South Khorasan.
South Khorasan Iranian Zereshk Manufacturers mostly sell their products to the wholesale market of Tehran and Mashhad. Therefore, if you need to receive your product with more competitive prices, you need to find Khorasan exporters that are manufacturer and supplier of red barberries as well.

Dried barberry must have parameters for export/import.
In other words, you need the best qualities of barberries for import especially if you are buying in bulk.

Various companies and factories in the South Khorasan province are producing and processing various types of barberry.
The most important and main producers of Iranian barberry are available in Birjand and Qa’en.

In these two cities, due to the proximity to the orchards and also the existence of communication routes, you can find producers and Iranian Zereshk manufacturers easily.

On the other hand, Birjand, as the center of the province, is easier to do customs affairs and also to receive certificates.
But many barberry orders are sent along with other nuts, and this has led to many customs cases of barberry in Mashhad.

Also, if customers need a health certificate for the product, this certificate will only be ready in Mashhad.
Because the license to issue a barberry health certificate is in the possession of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences.
If you need advice in this regard, you can click on the image below to contact the experts of Artin Barberry Company right now.

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Barberry Prices for Bulk Purchases

Barberry Prices for Bulk Purchases

You can buy Iranian barberries both from wholesale markets and also production units.
Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages.

The production units are open to quality and can adjust the percentage of different items according to your request.
But the barberry that exists in wholesale markets can no longer change or remove some parameters.

The most important parameters for determining the quality of barberry for export are as follows:

Moisture contentTail amount (Amount of barberries with tail on them) – Percentage of foreign materials (razor, leaves, gravel, and other wastes) – Uniformity of Color and SizePackaging

To receive the daily price of Iranian barberry for export/import from Artin barberry company, you can contact the sales department of this collection.

Currently, the sales and trade office of this company is active in Mashhad. And the Artin barberry factory is in Birjand, South Khorasan Province.

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