Jujube Cube Wholesale | Iranian Anab Ziziphus Jujuba Cube

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Jujube Cube Wholesale

Jujube Cube Wholesale | Iranian Anab Ziziphus Jujuba Cube

Jujube cube wholesale, export, import, and supplier prices. Iranian Anab or Ziziphus Jujuba cubes are the new products of Artin dried fruits co.

Join us in this article to buy jujube fruits with different flavors and competitive prices online.
Also, we have new products of Iranian Unab such as jujube cube available for wholesale.

The first-class jujube cubes are made from small but healthy dried jujube fruits.
The taste and freshness of the jujube fruits are important for the production of a high-quality jujube cube.
By checking these two parameters, the best products for the production of jujube cubes enter the production line.

Iranian Jujube Cube for Wholesale

Iranian Jujube Cube for Wholesale

Jujube is one of the products that have many buyers in the market.
Since dried jujube is difficult to use and sometimes damages the teeth (because of its hard seed and core), jujube cube is really easier to use.
On the other hand, many people today consume less sugar.
All these things together cause the use of jujube cubes more and more.

In the Khorasan province of Iran, various companies are active in the field of jujube production.
In the Artin production company, in cooperation with jujube producers, more products are in use for export.
Jujube cubes that are using for export are among the best quality of this product in the market.

The Artin company produces Anab (jujube) cubes both as pure jujube and in combination with other products.
In this collection, jujube cubes are available in bulk in the following flavors:

1. Simple jujube
2. Cinnamon-taste jujube
3. Ginger-taste jujube
4. Berries & jujube
5. Apricot & jujube
6. Cocoa jujube
7. Coconut jujube
8. Rosewater & jujube
9. Dates & jujube
10. Cannabis & jujube

Which is available in 175-gram packages or 1 kg cartons of these products.
Of course, in this factory, jujube powder is also available in bulk especially for medicinal purposes in the market.

High-Quality Jujube Cube Online Wholesale Center

High-Quality Jujube Cube Online Wholesale Center

Due to the fact that the jujube cube retail is not possible in the Artin company, There are various other ways to buy.
To buy jujube cubes online in bulk, it is first necessary to receive the price list of the products.

To do this, you can get the daily prices of jujube cubes by means of the following methods (in 175 packages and 1 kg cartons):

  • Complete the contact forms available on the website
  • Contact jujube sales experts
  • Send a message on WhatsApp to the sales experts (click on the image below with a mobile)
  • Send email to support unit

After receiving the price list, announce the different flavors and required weights to our sales experts.
After that, all the shipping processes by this section will be coordinated with you and your shipment will be sent as soon as possible.

If you need to receive shipping and transportation costs, these costs will be notified to you after determining the order amount.
In this company, we try to make jujube cubes online with high confidence for you.

Jujube Cube Wholesale in different flavors and varieties

Jujube Cube Wholesale in different flavors and varieties

As you are aware, it is the center of Iranian jujube production in South Khorasan province.
Jujube is available in large quantities in different cities of this province.
The highest area under jujube cultivation is in Birjand city.

Jujube is available in large quantities in Al-Ghurat, Taghab, Siojan, and Dasht-e-Bajd sections.
For this reason, most of the active units are in Birjand.
Producers of jujube cubes and powder are also often active in this city.

One of the companies active in the production of jujube cube, powder, and barberry for wholesale and export/import is the Artin Production Company.

In this company, jujube with the best quality getting ready for supply in domestic and export markets.
If you need special packaging for this product, share this with our partners.

You can also get the type and packaging of Artin jujube cubes from our colleagues on social networks.
We hope to be able to introduce this valuable product to the general public in global markets.

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