jujube fruit for sale (dried ziziphus)

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Jujube fruit for sale

jujube fruit for sale (dried ziziphus)

Jujube fruit is a really healthy snack and uses to produce many herbal medicines. Dried Jujuba also called dried ziziphus for sale in many markets.

Iran is one of the producers of jujube (red dates) besides China and Vietnam.
The size and the quality of Iranian jujube (Ziziphus) is really different with others.
It might that the size of Iranian jujube fruit is smaller but the benefits and taste is different.

Iranian Jujube Fruit

Where are the jujuba orchards in Iran?

Most orchards of Iranian jujube located in Khorasan province in the east of Iran.
Over time, the number and area of ​​jujube orchards in the province is increasing.
Most jujube fruit sales in Iran are in bulk and for sale as a healthy snack.
Artinnuts produces this product in its orchards for sale in global markets.

Khorasan Jujube Orchards

Sorting of Iranian dried jujube fruit

Iranian jujube fruit sorts by the size, color and appearance.
When farmers prepare ziziphus fruits for sale, They do following steps respectively:

  1. let the ziziphus fruit to get dry on the trees:
    It loses more that 75 of its moisture on the tree
  2. They shake the tree so that its fruits fall to the ground and then collect the product
  3. First sorting is sorting by size using simple machines
  4. In this step we have to types of sorting doing by hand based on the load appearance:
    • Separating based on color in 3 to 4 categories (Dark brown to light brown)
    • Separating based on dried jujubes skin (Those with smooth skin and those with wrinkled skin)

Please notice: The smoother the skin, the better its quality.
Also: The darker the skin of the fruit (Mix of dark red and dark brown), the better its quality

How to buy Iranian jujube fruit (red date):

Artinnuts company produces Iranian jujube in various quality and sizes besides many other nuts and dried fruits.
Large quantity of jujube small sizes exports from Iran directly to India. India uses Iranian cheapest jujubes to produce tamarind products.

Here in Artinnuts Company, We can export Iranian jujube fruit to your country for sale.
Packages in bulk wholesale are 25 Kg bags and 6 Kg cartons.

Artinnuts Jujube Fruit

Dried Jujube Cubes

Dried ziziphus cubes are like sugar cubes with the same uses but it has many health benefits.
If you are in the business of Nuts and Dried Fruits, You can have this product in your product basket.
If you are in the business of herbal medicines, You can have this product as well.
So there are many usages in this product and we can supply you in a long time mutual business.

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