Kazakhstan Regular Pistachios | Iranian Low Price Pistachio Nuts

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Kazakhstan Regular Pistachios | Iranian Low Price Pistachio Nuts

Kazakhstan Regular Pistachios | Iranian Low Price Pistachio Nuts

Kazakhstan Regular Pistachios in the market are Iranian low-price pistachio nuts and kernels. They are mostly a mixture of MO and NO qualities.

Pistachios for export to Kazakhstan should have a competitive and low price. Therefore, second-grade (Class B) pistachios are in use for export to this country.

Class B pistachio is a combination of natural open (NO) pistachios and mechanical open (MO) pistachios. This combination keeps the price of the product low and its quality is at an acceptable level.

Some customers in different countries also prefer to buy NO pistachios at the lowest possible price.
To choose the quality of pistachios, you must pay enough attention to the product supply market in the target country. Anyway, Kazakhistan Regular Pistachios are a mixture of NO and MO pistachios.

By choosing the type of pistachio and its quality, you can create a profitable and low-risk business and work in this field for a long time.

Pistachio Varieties for Export/Import to Kazakhstan

Pistachio Varieties for Export/Import to Kazakhstan

Iran is one of the countries where the diversity of pistachio production is high. There are different types of trees in the Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces.
Most pistachio orchards belong to 5 special types that have the highest supply and sales in domestic and international markets.

Ahmad Aghaei – Akbari – Fandoghi – Kaleghouchi – Badami

These types of pistachios have different sizes and different qualities. Obviously, the type of pistachio should be according to the target market.

The easiest way to choose pistachios for bulk purchase is to check the retail markets in the destination country. For this, it is necessary to do accurate marketing and good needs assessment in the target city or market. Then it will be determined which type of pistachio has the most sales and which types of pistachios have the least sales; Then, according to the type of strategy, you can choose the suitable variety of pistachios.

In the same research, the necessary information about whether it is raw or salty, the type of packaging, and the size of pistachios will be determined; Having all this information will help a lot in making the trade between Iran and the destination country profitable.

Therefore, all these researches help you to find the real Kazakhstan regular pistachios.

Purchasing Low-Price Pistachios for Kazakhstan

Purchasing Low-Price Pistachios for Kazakhstan

The Kazakh market is one of the best places to trade low-price pistachios. MO pistachios are the cheapest pistachios in all markets.

MO pistachios refer to pistachios that were initially closed and then opened using mechanical methods. This type of pistachio is MO in global markets and pistachios that are naturally open from the tree are NO.

In the Kazakh market, among the types of pistachios, the most in-demand are Ahmad Aghaei, Badami, and Fandoghi pistachios; Which are often salty and with lemon essence in the market of this country. Pistachio export packages from Iran to Kazakhstan are usually in 10 kg cartons.

One of the active companies in Khorasan Razavi province, which specializes in exporting pistachios to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Russia, is Artin Pistachio Production company.
In this industrial unit, all matters of processing, mechanically opening, roasting and packaging are possible and available. And according to the location of Khorasan Razavi province, the conditions for exporting and sending the product are very simple and low cost. Both rail and road transportation routes are available.

Pistachio Nuts and Kernels Prices

Pistachio Nuts and Kernels Prices

The price of pistachios for export to Kazakhstan and other countries depends on various parameters. Before examining the quality criteria, it should be noted that pistachios and their products are the products that have the highest exports in the field of food and agriculture.

This issue causes the exchange rate of dollars and euros to directly affect the price of pistachio nuts, pistachio kernels, pistachio slices, and their powder. Unfortunately, in some periods when the exchange rate fluctuates, the pistachio market is also unpredictable by those fluctuations, and therefore we must consider all aspects when concluding a contract.

After that, the features and parameters of pistachios are important for their price.

  1. At first, the type of pistachio
  2. Pistachio size
  3. %Kernel
  4. Being raw or salty
  5. Type of packaging
  6. Order volume
  7. Also, the place of delivery and its conditions

Obviously, by specifying all the above parameters, you can receive the price of your pistachio in Artin pistachio sales and trade unit in the shortest possible time.

Our partners are ready to provide you with more information about exports/imports. Also, if you need samples of products, you can register your sample order through the sales department to be sent to you as soon as possible.

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