Khorasan Jujube Supplier – Big Size Iranian Unab

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Khorasan Jujube Supplier – Big Size Iranian Unab

Who is the well-known Khorasan Jujube supplier? Where to find Iranian big size Unab for wholesale and import in large quantities?

Khorasan jujube fruit is one of the best products in Iran and has various applications.
The main distribution center and direct sale of large and small jujube are from Birjand.

The jujube harvest season begins in early August and lasts about 40 to 50 days. Most of the jujube cultivation area is in the agricultural and rural areas around Birjand, and Sarbisheh. Of course, jujube is also available in other cities such as Arianshahr, but the volume of production is low.

Therefore, if you are searching for a Khorasan jujube supplier, you should search in the above areas. In fact, Sothern parts of Khorasan are where most Iranian jujube suppliers are producing these products.

To buy jujube, you should pay attention to various parameters, which in this article we will examine how to determine its quality.

Big Size and First-Class Jujube of Khorasan

Jujube is one of the most valuable plants that grow in the tropics.
If you hear the name Unab, you will immediately remember the South Khorasan province of Iran.

South Khorasan jujube is undoubtedly one of the highest quality jujubes in Iran and even in the world. But the point is that Iran is not the main producer of jujube. In fact, the main production volume of jujube is in China. But the Chinese jujube has a different type, shape, and quality.
By the way, most people know jujube in China with the name of “Chinese Red Date”.

Due to Khorasan’s climate, this province is the best place for the growth of tropical plants such as jujube.
In this regard, many workshops and factories in this province are processing jujube.
These workshops are able to employ many people by sorting or drying jujube.

Of course, in the next section, we will talk in more detail about the classification and quality of jujubes.
By the way, we will introduce you to the Artin company as a Khorasan Jujube Supplier who can export Iranian Unab in bulk to your country.

How to Recognize the Quality of Jujube

In the previous section, we mentioned that in South Khorasan province, many activities have been done in the field of jujube and its processing.

There are various categories of jujubes because of many reasons. One of these reasons is the different uses of jujube.
There are several specific criteria to determine and measure the quality of Jujube.

  • Jujube size
  • Jujube wrinkles
  • The number of pests in jujube

According to these criteria, first-class and high-quality jujube have several important characteristics.
Its size is large (big size Unab) and on the other hand, the amount of wrinkles and pests is in the lowest possible condition.
These jujubes are nut jujube and are the highest quality and most expensive jujubes on the market. In fact, they are in use for nuts and dried fruits.

Jujube with small size and large wrinkles are also medicinal jujube. These jujubes have their own uses, but in this section we will not discuss these jujubes. You just need to know that these jujubes are in use to produce traditional medicines.

Finding a Khorasan Jujube Supplier and Exporter

You may be wondering which city has the best market for jujube.
You can buy jujube from the markets of South Khorasan, Khorasan Razavi, and Tehran.

It is quite clear that the market of South Khorasan and the city of Birjand is the best market to buy jujube.
Given that this province is the center of jujube production, buying jujube from this province has two general advantages.

  1. Firstly, the low price
  2. Secondly, more recent (fresh and of high quality) products

Of course, at present, due to the advancement of technology, major purchases of jujube are online.
Maybe with a simple call and a few messages in cyberspace, you can get a large amount of jujube you want.
All this is done with a smartphone and it is very convenient for us.
Artin Company is one of the collections that work in this field.

Due to the way it operates in the dried fruit market, this group can offer its products with the lowest price and the highest quality.
This is exactly what every jujube merchant is looking for.

Also, Recently, they announced that buyers can Buy Artin Products and Pay BTC, ETH, or ADA.

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