Artin Company Accepts BTC, ADA, ETH | Crypto Payment

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Artin Company Accepts BTC, ADA, ETH | Crypto Payment

Artin Company Accepts BTC, ADA, ETH | Crypto Payment

Artin company accepts BTC and other cryptos such as ADA and ETH for its products. This company exports Iranian nuts and dried fruits. Crypto payment is new in the world but fast and low cost.

Some think that cryptos are not safe but the Artin company’s managers think differently. In fact, they think that Bitcoin is the safest asset and blockchain is the safest system and both of them are trustable.
Obviously, payments in BTC or other valuable cryptos like ADA or ETH are faster, easier, and even cheaper in comparison with bank systems and payments by swift.

It’s undeniable that there are various challenges when you want to start such a business. But all know that new technologies require improvement and regulation.
Obviously, when we say that Artin company accepts BTC it means that both sides (seller and buyer) should have the conditions and agreements of this payment.

Artin Company Products

The Artin company is a producer of pistachios and also some dried fruits. There are various products in the products’ list of this company that you can check in the CATALOG:


These are the main products of the Artin company that you can purchase and pay Bitcoin for them:

  1. Pistachio Products:
    • Nuts (Roasted and Salted / Raw)
    • Kernels:
      • Peeled Green Pistachio Kernels
      • Green Pistachio Kernels
      • Purple Skin Pistachio Kernels
      • Granules
    • Slivers and Slices
    • Powder
    • Butter
  2. Barberries (Red Berberis Vulgaris / Zereshk)
    • Frozen Fresh Barberry Fruits
    • Dried Puffy (POFAKI) Barberries
    • Dried Anari Barberries
  3. Jujube Fruits (Dried)

Obviously, all the purchase procedures for these products are normal business. But besides all the traditional payment methods and systems, Artin company accepts BTC, ADA, or ETH.

Let us inform you of the Artin companies Services and Purchase Procedures

Artin Company Service Department Accepts BTC

Artin Company Service Department Accepts BTC

At first, here are some of the services of the Artin company for starting a business and purchasing Artin products by BTC or other cryptos:

Step 1: Harvesting Products

At first, in the production steps, the Artin company processes all its products at the harvest season based on the requirements of the target markets.

For example, during the harvest season of Iranian barberries, when they want to process barberries for EU countries, they avoid any pesticides and separate organic and non-organic products for this market. obviously, the harvesting procedure for organic and non-organic products is different.
Or, when they want to process fresh barberries to supply products for America or Canada, they consider the appearance parameters such as the size and the absence of foreign materials.

For another example, When the Artin company wants to supply pistachios for Germany, they should peel fresh pistachios as fast as possible after harvesting from the tress to avoid any possibility of the presence of Aflatoxin in pistachio kernels. Then they keep this product in cold storage.

Therefore, the Artin company processes products during the harvest season according to your countries standards.

Step 2: Producing Products

At this step, the Artin company produces various side products.
Obviously, this is the most important step for different markets. in fact, the type of the product and its features depends on the taste of the target market.

This is where you can place orders. In fact, when you want to buy products from the Artin company, you need to check your market and know what are the features of the best-selling products. For example, the Artin company can provide roasted and salted pistachios with a high percentage of salt if your market accepts them. Or, for some buyers who purchase Iranian pistachio kernels for use in pastries, the Artin company presents green colors of pistachios.

Obviously, all these features depend on your market.

Step 3: Packaging Products

You can buy all the Artin products in bulk or in small branded packages or even small packages without brand. In fact, you can buy all the products by paying in BTC, ADA, or ETH with any type of packaging that you need.

Actually, when you pay all the costs in BTC, you are not that worried about the costs and fees for wiring money. Because it’s almost nothing in comparison with bank transferring fees. Therefore, you can choose any type of packaging for any quantity that you need.

Please Notice: The Artin company accepts low order quantities if you want to pay in BTC, ADA, or ETH. This is because of two reasons:

  • There are no any special wiring fees for low quantities and therefore it would be affordable for you.
  • This is a policy to encourage buyers to buy and pay via Bitcoin.

Step 4: Transportation and Delivery of Products

There are almost all terms of delivery available for you when buying from the Artin company:

  • At first, EX-Work Delivery: This is the easiest delivery for a seller to deliver the products to you at its place and factory. In fact, this is mostly for the buyers who can manage all the transportation procedures in the seller’s country.
  • The second common method is FOB/FCR delivery which means you only need to coordinate transportation from Iran to your target country. By the way, in this method of delivery, all the customs affairs in Iran are on the seller.
  • The third method is CIF/CFR/C&F delivery which is the best method for most buyers. This means that the seller delivers products to your destination customs and you only need to do clearance in your country.

Please Notice that in the second and third methods, all the documents for the clearance in your country should be ready for you by the seller (before shipment).

How to Pay BTC for Artin Products (Crypto Payment)

How to Pay BTC for Artin Products (Crypto Payment)

Obviously, for payments in BTC and other cryptos, you need to use wallets. After receiving a quotation for your inquiry, you need to confirm and coordinate the terms of delivery and payment by Artin’s Export Manager.
Then they send you a PI including all the terms and wallet addresses. Obviously, prices are according to the agreements on the quotation.

After paying the In advance amount, the Artin company provides products and all the documents for you and you need to check everything and confirm. Obviously, there are various details to check and coordinate.

You can make direct contact with Artin Nuts and Dried Fruits Company’s sales and export managers to receive prices, documents, and anything that you need to know before your purchases.

Is there any difference in prices and payment between BTC, ADA, and ETH?

The exchange rate of these cryptos mostly is based on Binance or Coinbase exchange rates.
You can receive prices in USD and do your payment based on BTC, ADA, or ETH according to your agreements. Or, you can receive prices based on any crypto that it’s easier for you to transfer.

Fortunately, when you send crypto to a wallet, it commonly reaches the receiver wallet in less than a few hours and even in a few minutes based on the blockchain. This is a significant and huge advantage over the method of paying through the banking system.

Please Notice that you can arrange and manage all these details when you are placing your orders.

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