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Khorasan Organic Pistachio Kernels | Artin Green Pistachios

Khorasan organic pistachio kernels are really green but a little small. These kernels are perfect for pastries, cakes, and chocolate factories.

Special sale of organic pistachio kernels is done by the companies supplying this product in Mashhad (Khorasan Province of Iran).
In fact, Khorasan organic pistachio kernels are one of the products available by manufacturing companies mainly in Mashhad.

Due to the fact that the forests of wild pistachio production are very close to Mashhad in terms of location, so the work of collecting the product is what the local people always do. And then companies active in this field buy pistachios from people and use these pistachios for their business.

Part of Khorasan organic pistachios also enters Iran from Afghanistan and companies active in this field try to crack these in-shell pistachios and produce pistachio kernels.

Due to the small size of this type of pistachio, cracking needs special and adjusted devices. And then sorting operations needs manual procedures.

Khorasan Organic Pistachio Kernels

Pistachio kernel is one of the most important and valuable pistachio products.
Iranian pistachio kernel is also of interest to many people and different countries due to its characteristics.
On the other hand, over time, people’s interest and desire for healthy eating are increasing dramatically.
This leads to a significant increase in the production and consumption of organic products day by day. Pistachio kernels are no exception.

In recent years, we have witnessed a significant increase in the production and consumption of organic pistachio kernels.
The production of this pistachio kernel is far from any chemical fertilizers and toxins.
This leads to countries that are very strict on health also use this pistachio kernel. This healthy pistachio kernel attracts a lot of attention every day, which is why many manufacturers are working in this field.

In the next section, we will review the manufacturers of this valuable product.

Organic Pistachio Kernels Producers

In the previous section, we saw that the production of organic products such as organic pistachio kernels is booming significantly in recent years.
Producers of organic products have also been able to produce high-quality and valuable products. These growers first monitor certain pistachio orchards. Then, in consultation with various experts, they regularly inspect pistachio trees and orchards.

These products are obtained with special rigor because due to the lack of fertilizers and chemical toxins, great importance should be given to crops and orchards.
Therefore, there are various companies all around the world willing to import Khorasan Organic Pistachio Kernels

Purchasing Organic Pistachios from Manufacturer

One of the most important steps in the production process to consume a variety of agricultural products is buying from producers.

The first way that comes to our mind to buy organic pistachio kernels is to travel to Khorasan Razavi and Kerman provinces. In fact, these places are the main centers of pistachio production.
By traveling to these cities, we can hardly find organic pistachio kernel producers. Then we will buy the product.

But in recent years, with the growth of technology and social media, online wholesale for agricultural products has also flourished. Online wholesale creates two perfect benefits for merchants:

  • reduction in costs
  • Speed ​​up the process of buying products

Artin company is also one of the companies that sell and export pistachio kernels. In fact, you can make your purchase from the manufacturers with a simple call. For consulting, buying, or exporting organic pistachio kernels to different countries, you can contact the consultants of Artin Pistachios Company.

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