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Khorasan Pistachios for Sale

Khorasan Pistachios for Sale | Artin Pistachio Factory

Artin pistachio nuts and kernels factory produces and presents Khorasan pistachios for sale in other countries and export/import.

The wholesale of pistachio nuts and kernels in Khorasan has a very high volume.
In fact, all kinds of pistachios, Badami (Long), and Fandoghi (Round) are available in a large area of ​​Khorasan Razavi province.
Of course, variety in pistachio production causes double diversity in the production of pistachio kernels in different qualities.

In the industrial zones of Khorasan and its suburbs, many factories are active in the field of production, roasting, packaging, and export of these products.
The Artin Pistachio Company specializes in the production and sale of pistachio kernels.
The sales office of this collection is in the holy city of Mashhad, Khorasan.

Pistachio Production Diversity in Khorasan

Pistachio Production Diversity in Khorasan

Khorasan Razavi is one of the production and sale centers of pistachios in Iran.
Pistachios are producing in different regions of this province.
The main cities producing pistachios in this province are as follows, each of which is a source of producing a special product.

  1. Bardaskan: Fandoghi and Akbari pistachios
  2. Faizabad: Badami pistachio
  3. Sabzevar: Kalleghouchi pistachio
  4. Also, Neyshabour: Ahmad Aghaei (AA) pistachios

In each of these cities, different pistachio recording terminals are active.
Many farmers and producers from Kerman province are currently producing in Khorasan Razavi province.
Some prospective farmers have been working in this area for about 5-6 years.

In Khorasan Razavi province, the weather conditions are very favorable and on the other hand, there is a lot of water in this region of the country.
There are all conditions for the production, sale, and export of pistachios in Mashhad.

Artin Pistachio Nuts and Kernels Wholesale Center

Artin Pistachio Nuts and Kernels

Many companies and factories in Khorasan Razavi province operate in this field. In fact, you can find Khorasan pistachios for sale in bulk almost everywhere in Khorasan.
In different fields of production, processing, packaging, and sorting different companies are operating in industrial estates or production areas.

One of the companies selling pistachio nuts and kernels in Mashhad (Khorasan) is Artin Production Company.
The Artin pistachio factory is selling pistachios in bulk and also in shopping packaging for different markets.
If you are searching for a source of Khorasan pistachios for sale and supply, The Artin company is a good choice.

The products producing in this unit are of different qualities for supply in domestic and international markets.
The main focus of this group is on the production of pistachio kernels for trade in foreign markets.

Various pistachio kernels are available in this company, parts of which are:

  • Peeled Pistachio Kernels
  • Purple Skin pistachio kernels
  • “KUL” or Green pistachio kernels
  • Halved and Crushed pistachio kernels
  • 4 grades and sizes of pistachio granules
  • Green belly (green heart) pistachio kernels
  • Also, pistachio powder
  • And also, pistachio slivers and slices

Each of these products is produced and packaged in a specific process.
In almost all types of pistachios, two main processes are performing in the Artin company to remove foreign substances, including the hard skin of pistachios:

  1. Firstly, Laser (color) sorting
  2. Secondly, Hand sorting (manually)

The first step is completely automatic and doing by the color sorting laser device.

Export/Import of Pistachios from Khorasan for Sale

Khorasan Pistachios for Sale

Mashhad is one of the centers of pistachio production and export in eastern Iran.
Hence, A large volume of Iranian pistachio exports is done through Mashhad customs.
Mashhad is the main city of Khorasan Razavi province in Iran.

Exports to CIS countries, especially Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, via railways from Mashhad.
The distance and convenience of sending and the official principles of this work have caused the volume of pistachio exports in Mashhad to increase every year.

In addition to the CIS countries, The Artin company exports pistachios to Iran’s eastern neighbors, especially Pakistan.
Every year, a large number of Pakistani traders visit the pistachio production areas to buy Fandoghi and Badami pistachios.
The delivery route is by land and from the southern borders of Iran in Sistan and Baluchestan province.

How to get the daily prices of pistachios in Khorasan?

daily prices of pistachios

There are different ways to get a daily price of pistachios.
Since the price changes in this area are very large (especially during the USD exchange rate to Rials fluctuations) it is not possible to put the updated price list on the websites.

For this reason, companies active in this field have provided various communication channels to announce prices to customers.
In the Artin production company, you can receive the daily price of products from our experts in the shortest possible time by having the following items:

  • Pistachio nut type or pistachio kernel type
  • Order volume
  • Destination country
  • Also, Package type
  • And also, Specific conditions of the product (such as aflatoxin standard)

Finally, the communication channels of the Artin sales department are in the consulting and sales section of the site.

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