Khorasan Pistachios to Buy in Bulk for Import/Export

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Khorasan Pistachios

Khorasan Pistachios to Buy in Bulk for Import/Export

You might heard about Khorasan pistachio nuts and kernels for import and export. Do you want Khorasan pistachios to buy in bulk with affordable prices?

Here in this article we tell you more about Khorasan Pistachios and where to buy this product with affordable prices.
The main shopping center for Badami and Kalleghouchi pistachios for export to different countries is Khorasan Razavi province in Iran.

The main markets for these products are Russia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen.

Khorasan Pistachios – High Quality Iranian Pistachio Nuts

Khorasan Pistachios

In recent years, Khorasan Razavi province is gradually becoming known as one of the main centers of Iranian pistachio production.

Farmers and various pistachio recording terminals that operated in Kerman province in previous years are now producing and processing different types of pistachios in different cities of Khorasan province.

Different cities in this province produce pistachios, but the most important of them are:

  • Sabzevar
  • Bardesken
  • Mahvelat
  • Jovein
  • Neyshabour
  • Ferdows

Of course, the pistachios producing in each region are different in terms of type and quality.
But 3 products produce more than other types of pistachios in this province. The most important of which are as follows:

  1. Badami Pistachio (White Skin Long Pistachios)
  2. Kalleghouchi Pistachio (Iranian Jumbo Pistachios)
  3. Fandoghi Pistachios (Known as Round Pistachios)

Of course, other types are also producing in Khorasan, including Ahmmadaghaee.

Khorasan Pistachios to Buy for Export/Import

Khorasan Pistachios

Given that the pistachio production in Khorasan is increasing, The amount of export from Khorasan customs is increasing as well.

In this article, we intend to examine Khorasan export quality pistachios in a specialized way.
In this region of Khorasan, Badami pistachios produce in a very large amount and send to the market.

Badami pistachio is in the category of long pistachios and in addition to sell in domestic markets, it is also very popular in export markets.
Badami pistachio is similar to Ahmad Aghaei but with a slight difference.

This type of pistachio is the cheapest and affordable type available in the Iranian and world markets.
The main markets for exporting Badami pistachios from Iran are the following countries:

  • Russia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Yemen

The above countries often buy Iranian raw pistachios, But in Russia and Kazakhstan many orders are for roasted pistachios with a high percentage of salt.
One of the important points in buying and selling pistachios for export in Khorasan is the percentage of the slightly open-mouth pistachios.

Since most Khorasan pistachios have a high percentage of slightly open, these quantities must be brought to the standard level before export.
This is often done by pistachio recording terminals or processing and packaging units.

Purchasing Khorasani Pistachios in Bulk

Purchasing Khorasani Pistachios

For bulk purchase of export quality Badami pistachios, the best option is to contact active exporters in Khorasan province.
Many of these units have sales offices in the holy city of Mashhad and their production and processing workshops are in pistachio producing cities.

Badami pistachio is available directly from active units and factories in Feyzabad Mahwalat.
Obviously, This direct purchase causes the product to be ready for export at a more reasonable price.

If you need packaging for export, we must serve you that different packaging units in the industrial zones of Mashhad and its suburbs, have the necessary permits to do packaging in different weights.
Artin is one of the active production, roasting and processing units in Khorasan Razavi province.

In this factory, all kinds of pistachios and pistachio kernels for export produces, packages and exports in bulk.

All customs formalities and procedures, obtaining the necessary certificates and coordination of product transportation by rail, sea, air and land performs by the commercial unit of this company.

Pistachio Nuts Price in Khorasan

Pistachio Nuts Price

One of the important parameters after selecting the type of product, checking its quality and packaging, is the final price.
Given that pistachios and their products are dependent on exports, their prices determine on a daily basis.

Of course, in some periods, prices are well stable, But in periods when the dollar exchange rate fluctuates, the price of pistachios often changes every day.

For this reason, many Khorasan export pistachio sellers sell their products in dollars.
Due to the reasons mentioned, there are no conditions for announcing the price on the websites. But Artin Pistachio Company has provided various ways to receive the daily price of the products for the convenience of its customers:

  • Complete the forms on the site and contact the sales unit with you
  • Make a phone call to the sales and trade unit: +989153627103
  • Also sending messages on social networks (WhatsApp, Telegram, QQ and…)

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