Mechanical Open Pistachios for Russia | Iranian Nuts

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Mechanical Open Pistachios for Russia

Mechanical Open Pistachios for Russia | Iranian Nuts

Iran exports mechanical open pistachios for Russia in high quantities. Iranian nuts and dried fruits are exporting to Russia every day.

The purchase of Iranian mechanical open pistachios by traders active in Russia has a high volume.
Natural and mechanical open pistachios have many buyers due to their low prices in the Russian market and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS Countries).

The export volume of Fandoghi, Badami, and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios from Iran to Russia is significant.

What is the Mechanical-Open Pistachio?

Mechanical-Open Pistachio

Pistachios that are open (smiling) after harvest from the tree call natural open pistachios.
Natural open pistachios (also called NO for short), have a higher price than mechanical-open pistachios in Russia and other countries.

Among the pistachios harvesting from pistachio orchards, some pistachio nuts are Close-mouth.
When processing orchard’s products, Natural-Open pistachios get separate from Close-Mouth pistachios.

Close-mouth pistachios are using for two purposes:

  1. The first is to crack it and produce pistachio kernels
  2. Also, the second is to produce mechanical-open pistachio nuts

There is a method that uses cold water and shocks close-mouth pistachios so that pistachio mouth cracks.
Then, by placing the product under the sunlight or using a dryer, the mouth of the whole pistachio gets open.
With this method, close-mouth pistachios turn into open-mouth pistachios.

Mechanical-Open pistachios in international markets are known by the acronym MO. Which stands for Mechanical Open.

Buying Low Price Mechanical Open Pistachio for Russia

Mechanical Open Pistachio for Russia

When buying mechanical-open pistachios, you should know that the taste of these pistachios is different from natural-open pistachios.
The main reason for this is the product being in the water.

In this regard, most orders related to MO pistachio nuts are not raw.
It is often roasted with salt and lemon essence.

For example, in Russia and Ukraine, consumers tend to use pistachios with a high percentage of salt.
This compensates for the poor taste of MO pistachios.

You should also be aware that often the kernels’ percentage of mechanical-open pistachio is less than that of natural-open pistachios.
The main reason why pistachio crop does not open and crack at the top of the tree is the low percentage of pistachio kernels.

To buy mechanical-open pistachios for Russia, many production units process, roast, and package this product.
One of the suppliers of this pistachio nut in Fandoghi, Badami, and Ahmad Aghaei varieties is Artin Pistachio company.
In this company, in addition to producing open-mouth pistachios, all matters related to roasting and salting the product are also done.

Importing Low Price Pistachios to Russia

Low Price Pistachios to Russia

One of the main destinations for the export of mechanical-open pistachios from Iran is Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.
In these countries, low-price pistachios have a much higher sales volume.

Inexpensive pistachios are often shipping to these countries in two quality classes:

  • Class C
  • Class B

The “Class C” pistachios, which are the same as MO pistachios, which are exporting raw or roasted.
But Class B pistachios are a combination of MO and NO pistachios.

Many customers demand a combination of these products to acheive their target prices and qualities.
For example, some Russian customers register orders for 30% NO and 70% MO pistachios.
With this method, the quality of pistachio slightly increases and its taste is better when using by the consumer.

In other words, class B pistachio products are more customer-friendly and have a better sales market.
Therefore, when buying and exporting these pistachio nuts, we must carefully examine the needs of the market and customers.

What’s the difference in the Price of Mechanical Open Pistachios

Mechanical Open Pistachios

As mentioned, the price of MO pistachios is cheaper than NO varieties.
For this reason, certain markets, such as Russia, are good buyers for these products.

Unfortunately, the price of pistachios in Iran is closely dependent on the exchange rate of the currencies.
At times of large exchange rate fluctuations, it is very difficult and impossible to keep rial prices constant and permanent.
For this reason, many of the exporting companies’ sales are in dollars.

In this regard, to receive the daily price of MO pistachios in different classes, you can contact the Artin sales and trading unit.
In this company, all services of sorting, roasting, packaging, as well as customs affairs performe by experienced commercial teams.

For more information in this regard, you can fill out the relevant forms on the website.
Or contact a WhatsApp sales expert right now by clicking on the image below.

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