Organic Pistachio Kernels Supplier from Iran

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Organic Pistachio Kernels

Organic Pistachio Kernels Supplier from Iran

Purchasing Organic pistachio kernels at an affordable price is not that easy. You need to find an Iranian supplier of Organic Pistachios.

Artin company is one of the suppliers of organic pistachio kernels in Khorasan province.
Organic pistachio kernels are producing both in orchards and grow spontaneously in the pastures of Khorasan, Iran.
The organic pistachio kernels are more expensive than regular pistachio kernels.

Organic Pistachios Varieties

Organic Pistachios Varieties

People in some countries and health organizations in these countries are sensitive to food.
As the number of unhealthy foods has increased in the market and the use of pesticides has increased, the accuracy of food purchases has increased.

The highest purchase volume of organic products is in EU countries.
People in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and many other countries want to buy healthy and organic food.

The price of an organic product is higher than that of a similar regular product in these markets.
Customs and health organizations in these countries perform various tests on products at the time of clearance.

But if the product has an organic certificate, it can be easily sent.
In Iran, two types of products in the field of pistachios can come to the market organically:

  1. Orchard products that have not used pesticides in the past few years.
  2. Products that grow naturally in pastures and forests.

All these products are using for export to different countries without any residual pesticides.
Of course, it should be noted that a handful of Iranian gardens and orchards are certified organic.

But organic cargo without certification with special conditions is ready for international markets.

Artin Organic Pistachio Kernels’ Supplier

Organic Pistachio Kernels

One of the companies that supply organic pistachio kernels in Iran is the Artin Barberry Production Company.
The focus of this company is on the export of wild pistachio kernels (harvested from forests) and to some extent pistachio nuts and orchards pistachio kernels.

All products can be provided in this collection by providing proper analysis related to it.

Of course, suppliers of organic nuts in Iran usually operate on long-term contracts.
In the following sections, more details about the terms of sale and delivery of goods will provide.

In addition to selling in the Iranian market, Artin Group also offers its products directly in the markets of different European countries.

Some pharmaceutical and specialized companies in the field of pistachios want to buy organic pistachio kernels.
Organic pistachio kernel suppliers usually offer their products to companies that are careful about product sensitivity.

In other words, the quality and health of the product are more important to the buyer than its price.

One grade lower than the more reasonably priced organic pistachio kernels is aflatoxin-free pistachio kernels.

This type of pistachio kernel has a very high sales volume in different countries, especially Germany, Italy, and France.

Aflatoxin-free pistachio kernels in the Iranian market mostly sell as:

  • Firstly, Purple Skin pistachio kernels
  • Secondly, Peeled Pistachio Kernels

Which is traded in large quantities in the European market.

Buying Pistachio Kernels from Iranian Supplier

Buying Pistachio Kernels

For the sale of organic pistachio kernels, as mentioned, annual or multi-year contracts are usually concluded.

Since the demand for organic pistachios and pistachio kernels is high and the supply of these kernels is low, most of the products are pre-sold or offered to customers with long-term contracts.

The sale of organic nuts in the Artin company is doing on the same basis, but there are different sales methods for offering aflatoxin-free products.

The sales and trade office of this company is in the holy city of Mashhad, Iran.
Organic products in this company sell either in Iran or delivered in European markets.

For more information in this regard, you can contact the sales and trade unit of this collection.
Or fill out the relevant forms on the website so that our colleagues can contact you.

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