Peeled Pistachios | Artin Green Pistachio Kernels

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Peeled Pistachios

Peeled Pistachios | Artin Green Pistachio Kernels

Iran is the main producer of green peeled pistachios in the world market. Artin Company in Iran is an exporter of Iranian green pistachio kernels.

Peeled pistachios have been in demand in many international markets due to their wonderful color.
In recent years, we have witnessed a large volume of sales of this product.

Green pistachio kernels, known as skinless or peeled kernels, are into seven different grades.
The most prominent feature of this product, which increases the purchase of European markets, is its greenness.

What are the Peeled Pistachios?

 Peeled Pistachios

Pistachios that are harvested early from the orchards are called “KUL” pistachios. They are completely unripe and immature.
These pistachios are completely closed-mouth and the pistachio kernel is not yet fully ripe.

the early harvest has several good features, the most important of which are:

  1. No fungi and pests enter the pistachio
  2. Pistachio kernels are greener
  3. Uniformity of the green color

But perhaps one of the disadvantages is the small size of the pistachio kernel.

After cracking this type of pistachio, its kernel can be ready for the market without any special processing.
In this case, the name of this product will be green pistachios (or it’s better to say green pistachio kernels).

But if the thin skin is also taken on the pistachio kernel, another type of pistachio kernel will be produced.
These types of pistachios are peeled pistachios (or it’s better to say “green peeled pistachio kernels” (or also GPPK)).

Due to the long process of this product, its price is more expensive than other varieties.
The peeled green pistachios divide into several whole-shape grades and several halve-shape or granule grades.
The greenest grade is “A” or in some companies, it is called “S” (Super Green).
After that, as the pistachio kernel turns yellow, we go to lower grades.

There are usually two grades for halved-shape or granule of these peeled pistachios.

The green granulated and halved pistachio kernels and the yellow granulated and halved pistachio kernels, which have their own customers in the market.

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels Production Center

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels

As you know, farmers in different provinces in Iran are producing pistachios.
The two main producers of Iranian pistachios are Kerman and Khorasan Razavi.
From these provinces, pistachios of different types with different qualities are sending for supply in domestic and international markets.

The most well-known types of pistachios producing in Iran are as follows:

Akbari – Ahmad Aghaei – Koleghoochi – Fandoghi- Badami

Each of these products or their side products are exporting to specific countries.
In this regard, companies and factories active in the field of production and sale of various types of green peeled pistachios are active in these two provinces.

The main focus of the factories producing peeled pistachios is in Kerman province.
Artin Pistachio Company is one of the active groups in the field of sales and export of pistachio kernels.
Which provides various manufactured products to customers in different countries by providing the required certificates for export.

Green Pistachios Export Market

Green Pistachios Export Market

Each type of Iranian pistachio kernels in different markets has its own specific buyers.
But in this article, we intend to carefully examine the export markets of green peeled pistachio kernels.

The highest sales of Iranian peeled pistachios are for the following countries:

As you are aware, the customs of the above countries are very sensitive about the health of the product.
For this reason, the Artin company really cares about the health of its products.
One of the most reliable products from a microbial and fungal point of view is the green peeled pistachio kernels.

In the previous sections, explanations were provided about this issue and how it was produced.
In each of these export markets, a certain type and grade of pistachio kernel are in use.

Also, the export packages must be vacuumed.
With this type of packaging, in addition to higher durability, the product will reach the final consumer without being affected by the environment.

For more information, you can contact our export managers in the Artin pistachios company.

Daily Price of Peeled Pistachios

Price of Peeled Pistachios

Since green peeled pistachios do not have a high sales volume in the domestic market of Iran, its export is decisive.
In other words, the exchange rate is one of the parameters determining the price of peeled green pistachio kernels.

Of course, the prices in Usd or Euro for this product do not change much during the year.
But with exchange rate changes inside Iran, the rial price of pistachio kernels fluctuates.
For this reason, most buyers of Iranian pistachio kernels for export tend to sign contracts in dollars (or euros).
Because currency exchange rate fluctuations cause price changes for Iranian producers.

You can contact the Artin sales unit to receive the daily price of different grades of green pistachio kernels.

You can also click on the link below to view the Persian website of the Artin company.

Persian Artin Nuts and Dried Fruits Website

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