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Peeled Pistachios Supplier | Iranian Green Kernels Wholesale

There are various consumptions for Iranian pistachios’ green kernels. Search for a peeled pistachios supplier to enter its wholesale market.

Most products of green pistachio kernels are in use for export from Iran to different countries. The most important side product of Iranian green pistachios is its peeled kernels.

Manufacturers and suppliers of this type of pistachio kernel classify it in different grades. These categories define how green the kernels are.
Therefore, when you search for a peeled pistachios supplier, they should be able to provide different grades for you. This is necessary to have different categories available to satisfy your customers’ demands.

Most of this product is divided into 4 grades of whole-shape pistachio kernels and 2 grades of pistachio granules so that each customer can buy this product according to their needs and requirements.

There are several export markets for Iranian peeled green pistachio kernels.
Most of these concentrations are in some European countries and some of the exports are to East Asian countries such as Japan, China, and Korea.

This type of pistachio kernel is free of aflatoxin most of the time. It’s due to having the highest level of health in production.
This makes this type of pistachio kernel approved by the Customs and Health Administration of all importing countries.

Best Peeled Pistachio Kernels for Import

Peeled pistachio kernel is one of the most popular Iranian pistachio kernels in most markets.
This pistachio kernel has a green and beautiful color. This leads to a variety of applications.
Below we will mention some of these applications.

  • Production of sweets and pastries
  • Ice cream shops
  • Sausage production
  • Food decorations

Of course, due to the price of this type of pistachio kernel, it is in use in small quantities and has many uses for decoration.
On the other hand, this pistachio kernel has the lowest level of toxin contamination due to its special production method.
Due to this, this pistachio kernel is an ideal option for export to European countries. European countries are very strict in the field of hygiene of agricultural products. Therefore, in order to export/import to these countries, we must pay special attention to the health of our goods.

Obviously, any peeled pistachios supplier who has enough experience regarding pistachio exports/imports to the EU, knows that you need an aflatoxin certificate for pistachio cargos at the time of clearance in the EU.

Artin Peeled Green Pistachio Kernels

The double-skinned pistachios (peeled kernels) are the main and most popular kernels among green pistachio kernels.
In the production workshops of this type of pistachio kernel, cracking in-shell pistachios is the first part. After this stage, the thin skin on the pistachio kernel is separated from it and the green pistachio kernel appears. The final step before packaging is sorting these kernels by their green color. The greener the kernels, the higher their grades and qualities.

Peeled pistachio kernels have different uses due to their beautiful color.
In some parts of the world, this pistachio kernel is in use in the production of delicious sweets and ice cream.

The Artin company is one of the collections that sell these pistachio kernels.
This company is trying to reduce costs due to its online bulk sales. By reducing the side costs in this set, the final price of the products will decrease.
This will reduce the price for consumers and our traders will have more sales and profits.
The focus of the Artin company is on the wholesale of Iranian green kernels.

In this regard, the consultants of Artin Collection are ready to provide important services in this field to you.
For advice, purchase, or export of pistachio kernels, especially peeled pistachio kernels, you can contact the collection consultants.

Aflatoxin Free Peeled Pistachios Supplier

To produce pistachio kernels, the unripe (immature) pistachios need to be removed from the tree when the pistachios are not fully grown.
These pistachio kernels have several main characteristics.

  • At first, they are smaller in size than normal pistachio kernels.
  • Secondly, they are green (more green than usual).
  • Also, they are free of any aflatoxins and germs.

Of course, we have to point out an important point here. It cannot be said that this type of pistachio kernel does not contain any aflatoxins.
In fact, the amount of aflatoxin in healthy pistachios is very low, and tests in European countries confirm this.

For advice, purchase, or import of this type of pistachio kernel, you can contact the consultants of the Artin company.

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