Persian Anab Wholesale Price | Iranian Ziziphus Jujuba

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Anab Wholesale Price

Persian Anab Wholesale Price | Iranian Ziziphus Jujuba

Persian Jujube calls “Anab” in Iran and obviously, Anab wholesale price would be lower if you buy from Iranian Ziziphus Jujuba exporters and suppliers.

The markets in Mashhad, Birjand and Qa’en cities of Iran are the main wholesale centers of Iranian Jujube in the market.
As you know, jujube has become more popular in recent years due to its high therapeutic properties.

This prompt farmers in South Khorasan to produce and market their products in high quality.

Some people consider jujube and oleaster to be similar, but in general, the families of these two products are separate.
From the point of view of appearance and taste, if you put the two products together, you will fully understand this issue.

Anab Wholesale in Iran

Anab Wholesale Price

Mashhad wholesale market is one of the main markets for barberry and jujube in Iran.
Part of this market manages by Mashhad market activists and the other part manages by jujube producers in Birjand and Ghaenat.

Due to the intense competition in this market, it is possible to find very reasonable prices for the product.

Of course, contacting the activists who are working in the field of jujube production in southern Khorasan can most likely provide you with a higher quality product and a fairer price.

Of course, this market is mostly wholesale and often not in the low volume and quantities of sales in this market.
Anab Wholesale Price depends on many parameters of quality but obviously, You need to make direct contact with producers for lowest possible price as well.

There are many manufacturers that do not have a physical presence in this market. They send their products directly from Birjand and Ghaenat to customers all over the country.

In many cases, these suppliers can be good options for buying bulk jujube.

Fresh Anab Wholesale Price

Anab Wholesale Price

When buying high volume, price is always one of the most important parameters along with quality.
Of course, since jujube is an agricultural product, should not always expect a manufacturer to provide a same product to its customers.

But some manufacturers, with their own standards, categorize jujube, which makes the shopping process very convenient for customers.

As you are aware, the more we go to the warmer regions of Khorasan province, the better the quality of jujube.
That is why jujube is one of the best and most quality agricultural products in South Khorasan province.

Jujube Artin Jujube Factory classifies its products into 8 different categories.
This classification is primarily based on product size. The next parameters to determine the quality of jujube are the amount of wrinkles and its color. These parameters should consider when buying high volume.

To receive pictures of products as well as the purchase price of jujube, you can contact the support unit or sales department of Artin production factory.

Dried Jujube for Wholesale

Anab Wholesale Price

Fresh jujube is often goes to the market at the beginning of the season. Most of it is selling the fresh fruit market.

After the harvest season, all the jujubes goes to drying procedure to make them much easier to maintain.
Dried jujube has been ready to offer in the market all over the country every year since October.

Of course, many people see fresh jujube in the market of Iran all year round; It should note that these jujubes are not the fresh jujube at the beginning of the season.

Meanwhile, part of South Khorasan jujube products use for export to different countries.
India and Pakistan, along with some Arab countries, are the main buyers of Iranian jujube.

Of course, the jujube that traders and merchants in these countries buy is more often the type of medicinal jujube that is fine (small size) and wrinkled.

Medicinal Jujube: This type of jujube uses to powdering or produce medicine.

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