Pistachio Granules Wholesale | Cheap and Halve Pieces Pistachios

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Pistachio Granules Wholesale | Cheap and Halve Pieces Pistachios

Pistachio Granules Wholesale | Cheap and Halve Pieces Pistachios

Pistachio Granules Wholesale for confectioneries and ice-cream is really common and cheap and halve pieces of pistachios are good for them.

What is the price of chopped pistachio kernels (pistachio granule) in the wholesale market?
Which manufacturers sell this product with high-quality? Obviously sorting and cleaning are the most important features for use in food industries.

This type of pistachio kernel is in use to produce a variety of sweets, cakes, and chocolates.
In the following, we will examine the types of pistachio kernels and granules. And introduce one of the production and sales centers of this product.

So stay tuned.

Pistachio Granules and Halves Production Centers

Pistachio Granules and Halves Production Centers

Pistachio kernels are in use to produce cakes, sweets, baklava, nougat, toffee, and many other products in this field.
The pistachio kernel suitable for this job should have several characteristics, the most important of which are as follows:

  1. Green color
  2. Fresh Taste
  3. No hard shell of pistachios
  4. No foreign materials such as wood
  5. Uniformity of shape and size

These features are very important for confectionery manufacturers.
On the other hand, these production units need to buy pistachio kernels at a low price in order not to increase the cost of their products.

The low price of pistachio kernels and other raw materials makes the consumer price of the final product suitable for market supply.
Obviously, the raw material for the production of pistachio granule to sell in wholesale markets directly affect the final price and the price of other products that use these pistachio granules and halves.

Putting all these together, the best option is to buy chopped pistachio kernels and cobs.

The Artin company produces various types and qualities of pistachio granules for the domestic wholesale markets and also the export markets.
We sort and categorize our pistachio granules and cobs into several sizes.
This issue is of great importance for chocolate and toffee factories where pistachio kernels are in use in products.

In the following, we will introduce the pistachio granule, chop, and cobs that are available in the Artin company.
Here in this collection, in addition to granulated pistachio kernels, pistachio slivers and pistachio powder are available in different qualities.
In addition to the domestic market of Iran, many traders use these products for export to different countries.

These products are of interest in the markets of Ukraine, Canada, Iraq, Russia, India, and Kazakhstan.

Pistachio Granule Size Sorting

Pistachio Granule Size Sorting

In the Artin production company, measures have been taken to address the concerns of the producers of various sweets.
The most important is the proper sizing and sorting of pistachio kernels.

In the first stage, A color sorting machine sorts all the granules by color and size to remove foreign materials and give us a uniform product in the output.

But to be sure, all the products are also passed through the conveyor and are sorted again by manpower if there are lesions in the kernels.
Then, sorting by means of a special sieve makes the size sorting possible and we can present the final pistachio granule in the wholesale market with different sizes.

There are 4 outputs in the sieve device, one of which is for the pistachio cobs (halve pieces).
The other 3 outputs are for pistachio granules and chops, which come out of the machine in different sizes.

After that, all products are ready for packaging in 10 kg vacuums in cartons.
This type of packaging makes the pistachio kernel last longer and there will be no worries about insects.

For information on how to sell and also to view images of different codes, you can contact the colleagues of the sales unit.
Or see the different codes of this product in the highlight section of Artin’s official Instagram page.

Artin Pistachio Granule Wholesale Price

Artin Pistachio Granule Wholesale Price

The wholesale price of different pistachio granules is according to their size.
Obviously, for the exact and final prices of these products and also other Artinnuts products you need to make direct contact.

Because the price fluctuations in the field of pistachios and its products are high. And it is not possible to insert the daily price list on the website.

If you want our colleagues to contact you, just fill out the forms on the site carefully.
Otherwise, different communication channels of the sales unit are available on the website.

If you are reading this with your mobile phone, you can click on the images below to message our commercial manager on WhatsApp.

The price of the pistachio kernel depends on several parameters.
Since pistachios and their products are for import, USD/Euro fluctuations have a direct impact on this area.

On the other hand, the supply and demand in the market also affect the price of these products.
After all these factors, it is the type and quality of pistachio kernels that determine their price.

Having a competitive price can greatly increase sales power.

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