Pistachio Kernel for Australia | Artin Nuts Exporter & Wholesaler

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Pistachio Kernel for Australia | Artin Nuts Exporter & Wholesaler

Pistachio Kernel for Australia | Artin Nuts Exporter & Wholesaler

There are various wholesalers and exporters of Iranian pistachio kernel for Australia and Malaysia’s markets. The Artin Nuts Co. is one of them.

Exporting/importing pistachio kernels at competitive prices from Iran to Australia can be a lucrative economic activity.
The Artin pistachio company is one of the producers of pistachio kernels.

In this industrial unit, various types of pistachio kernels for export are available.
In the following, we will become more familiar with the pistachio kernels and their applications.

Artin pistachio kernel for Australia

Artin pistachio kernel for Australia

In this production unit, There are various types of pistachio kernels available.
The target market of these products is both inside Iran (The domestic market) and various international markets.

There are various types and qualities of pistachio kernels available in this company, each of which is specific to use for certain consumption.
For example, some pistachio kernels are in use only for the production of sweets and confectionaries.
But some of these pistachio kernels are common for meat and protein products.
So, If you are willing to import pistachio kernel to Australia, you need to know more about these varieties and their consumption.

The most important products in this collection (The Artin Nuts Co.) are the following:

Each of these products has a specific target market. For example, peeled pistachio kernels are most in-demand by the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • China
  • Iraq

In each of these markets, the amount of green pistachio kernel consumption is different.
In Iraq, a mixture of green and yellow pistachio kernels is acceptable to buyers, but in the European market, color separation is very important.

Pistachio Kernels Wholesale and Export

Pistachio Kernels Wholesale and Export

The bulk of these products are available in the domestic and export markets directly from the production factories.
There are many factories and workshops that use pistachio kernels in the production of their products.

The Artin company is an Exporter, Wholesaler, and Producer of pistachio kernel to sell in bulk in Australia.
One of the competitive advantages in the production of these products in the Artin factory is laser sorting.
Pistachio kernels of this unit, in addition to sorting with automatic devices, are also sorted manually.

With these sorting methods, there will be no foreign matter and waste in the products.
This is even more important for export/import markets.

There are various bulk packages for pistachio kernels such as bags and cartons.
In export shipments or products that we intend to store for a longer period of time, the pistachio kernel is vacuumed before being placed in the carton.
This type of packaging, in addition to preventing physical damage to the product, also increases its durability.

Due to their higher price, peeled pistachio kernels are usually sold only vacuum-packed in the market.
Due to the long distance, vacuum packaging with nitrogen gas is often for exports/imports.

Pistachio Kernel Price for Australia

Pistachio Kernel Price for Australia

Price is very important in pistachio kernel exports/imports.
Because the volume of purchases is high and this causes a lot of bargaining in this market.

On the other hand, many people are active in selling pistachio kernels in different markets across the country.
But its producers are much fewer than its sellers.

One of the good options for buying bulk pistachio kernels is to export industrial-production units in pistachio-producing provinces.
Kerman and Khorasan Razavi and then Yazd have the highest production of pistachio kernels.
Various workshops and factories in these provinces are producing and processing pistachio kernels.

Artin Production Company, as one of the activists in this field, supplies pistachio kernels for export at competitive prices.
To receive the daily price of pistachio kernel for Australia, receive the daily price from the sales unit by specifying the following:

  • At first, The type of pistachio kernel requested
  • Then, the type of packaging required
  • Place of delivery and payment terms
  • Delivery time

By announcing the above to the sales experts of the Artin company, you can get the price list.
Also, when receiving the pre-invoice, pay attention to its validity date.

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