Tag - Artin Pistachios Wholesale

Do you know Artin Pistachio Factory? Artin pistachios wholesale department does following services for pistachios buyers: Supply, Export, OEM services and etc.

There some of Artin pistachios products so that yo can choose any of them:

  • Pistachio Nuts in various types:
    • Akbari (Super Long Pistachio Nuts)
    • Ahmadaghaee (Long Pistachio Nuts)
    • Fandoghi (Round Pistachio Nuts)
    • Kalleghouchi (Jumbo Pistachio Nuts)
  • Pistachio Kernels  not only in various types but also in various packages and prices:
    • Purple Skin Pistachio Kernels
    • Green Pistachio Kernels (Peeled and not Peeled)
    • Wild Pistachio Kernels

Also Artin Pistachio Wholesale department have various services in terms of delivery and payment for bulk purchases that you can get inform of them by making a phone call.

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