Pistachio Kernel Wholesale for Export/Import

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Pistachio Kernel Wholesale for Export/Import

Pistachio Kernel Wholesale for Export/Import

The main pistachio kernel wholesale markets are in Iran, America, and then Turkey and Greece. Also, the main purchases are for export/import.

Using pistachio kernels in various consumption and products is really common. Ice-cream, sweets, confectionery, and also different pastries are the main market for pistachio kernels. If you are in these businesses, you might need to know more about the pistachio kernel wholesale centers to get the best and most affordable prices.

In this production unit, all kinds of whole-shape, broken and green, and first-class pistachio kernels are available in bulk.
Many shopping centers are active in supplying and distributing pistachio kernels throughout the country.
But buying from the original manufacturer has many advantages that we will discuss in this article.

The most important advantages for direct purchase from the manufacturer are the reasonable price and freshness of the product.

Pistachio Kernels Production Centers in Iran

Pistachio Kernels Production Centers in Iran

Various cities in Iran are active in the field of production and processing of pistachio kernels.
But in the meantime, there are only a few provinces that do these things in a large and high volume.

Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces are the largest producers of pistachio kernels in Iran.
Of course, Qazvin province also has many activities in this field, but the main activity of this province is in the field of pistachio slices.

These provinces place pistachio kernels in different categories with different qualities.
In the next sections, we will give more details about the types of pistachio kernels and their prices for you.

Pistachio Kernel Major Consumption

Pistachio Kernel Major Consumption

It can be said that selling and distributing pistachio kernels is one of the most important parts in determining the final price of pistachio kernels.
As we will say in the next section, pistachio kernels have different types and varieties.
These pistachio kernels have various uses.

From confectioneries and ice_cream shops to Sohan and Baklava producers use pistachio kernels.
Due to this, the distribution of pistachio kernels is more important.
The Artin company is one of the companies that sells and distributes pistachio kernels not only in the domestic market of Iran but also in other countries.

This collection offers special pistachio kernels according to the needs of customers.
This preserves both the freshness and quality of the products and lowers the final price of the product.

You can easily contact the Artin company’s consultants to buy different types of pistachio kernels.

Artin Pistachio Kernels Varieties

Artin Pistachio Kernels Varieties

There are different types of pistachio kernels.
A pistachio kernel is selected according to the needs of customers, their purchasing power, and the uses of pistachio kernels.
Pistachio kernels are offering to consumers in different types, each of which has its own characteristics at work.

Below we will mention the names of some pistachio kernels’ varieties.

  • Green pistachio kernels
  • Granulated pistachio kernels
  • Close-Mouth pistachio kernels
  • Purple-Skin pistachio kernels
  • Wheat-shape pistachio kernels
  • And pistachio slices and slivers
  • And also, Peeled pistachio kernels

Due to the variety of pistachio kernels, the major distribution of pistachio kernels also becomes somewhat difficult.
Each of these pistachio kernels is using for specific purposes.

For example, green pistachio kernels are in use in powder and chopped form to decorate a variety of sweets.
This pistachio kernel gives a special beauty to these products due to its greenness.
Or, for example, pistachio kernels that are cheaper, are widely in use in confectionery and ice cream shops.

The Artin Company sales consultants can help you buy your ideal product.
You can easily make your purchases and get the pistachio you want.
Obviously, there are various details about your orders that you can put forward all the issues on WhatsApp by clicking on the image below:

Pistachio Kernel Wholesale Price at Wholesale Centers

Pistachio Kernel Wholesale Price at Wholesale Centers

The price of pistachio kernels and their other products, in general, depends on various factors.
For this reason, the price of pistachio kernels cannot be predictable.
On the other hand, we mentioned in the previous section that pistachio kernels have different types.
Each type of pistachio kernel has its own price.

For this reason, you can ask the price of pistachio kernel daily from the consultants of the Artin collection.
Also, you can ask the best price for pistachios by contacting the collection consultants or communicating with them on social networks.

Artin business consultants try to provide you with the best and highest quality pistachio kernels at the lowest market prices.
By the way, you can check the Artin Persian website for more information about its products:

Artin Nuts and Dried Fruits Persian Website

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