Pistachio Kernels Export Market | Iranian Nuts | Dried Fruits

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Pistachio Kernels Export Market

Pistachio Kernels Export Market | Iranian Nuts | Dried Fruits

A wide variety of pistachio kernels produce in Iran and the Iranian pistachio kernels export market exists in almost all countries with differences in taste and type of consumption.
Akbari pistachios, Ahmad Aghaei, Fandoghi, Kalleghouchi and Badami are already known among most countries.

As much as the export of Iranian In-Shell pistachios is doing in a high volume every year, the export of Iranian pistachio kernels is also doing every year with a variety more than raw pistachios.
There are many uses for pistachio kernels.
Among the most important cases in export markets are:

  • Production of all kinds of sweets
  • Chocolate and candy industry
  • Food and restaurants
  • Production of protein products
  • Packaging and supply of dried nuts and dried fruits

Depending on the type of consumption you choose in the export market of your pistachio kernel, a certain type of kernel will be suitable.

Pistachio Kernels for Export

Pistachio Kernels Export MarketAlmost all types of Iranian pistachio kernels use for export, but below are some of the most important types

  • Purple Skin Pistachio Kernels:
    This cultivar of the pistachio kernel is the result of cracking close or open flowering pistachios.
    Of course, if close-mouth pistachios are using to produce this type, the cost will be lower.
    The export market for purple skin pistachio kernels is very diverse, and its main use is in nuts and chocolate.
  • Green pistachio kernels:
    The green color of the kernel is one of the main attractions of this product, and the greener the mantle of the brain, the higher its quality and the higher its price proportion.
    The export market for green pistachio kernels is for use in confectionery and food decoration.
    There are two main types of Green pistachio kernels in export markets:

    1. Unripe (Premature) Green Pistachio Kernels: When unripe pistachios harvest from a tree, the kernel is immature, but its color is much greener than ripe.
    2. Peeled pistachio kernels: This type of pistachio kernel is considered to be very expensive and luxurious, and is actually the result of peeling and color sorting (based on the amount of greenness) of Unripe kernels.
  • Crushed pistachio kernels and Halved:
    When the kernels is produced, many of them break or split in two or more parts in the middle.
    These types of pistachio kernels have better prices and, of course, are not very suitable for use in nuts.
    The export market for broken pistachio kernels and crushed types is more for use in confectionery and ice cream.

Pistachio Kernels Price Categorizing

Pistachio Kernels Export MarketIn terms of price, the following items can name from the most expensive types of nuts to the cheapest:

  1. Green peeled pistachio kernels
  2. Unripe pistachio kernels
  3. Premium purple skin kernels cultivars (cracked by hand)
  4. Close-Mouth pistachio kernels
  5. Crushed and Halved pistachio kernels

There are also cheaper types of Iranian nuts, including wheat kernels, which are not widely used for export.

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Export Market

Pistachio Kernels Export MarketAs mentioned earlier, the type of use in the destination country affects the choice of kernels.
However, based on export experience and statistics, here are some key markets for exporting different varieties of this product:

  • India is a very suitable market for Purple Skin Fandoghi pistachio kernels, especially for all kinds of kernels cracked by hand.
  • Qatar is the buyer of large size pistachio kernels for the use of nuts.
  • Iraq is a good export market for small kernels, as well as low-cost types of pistachio kernels.
  • Germany, Spain and Switzerland are the buyers of all kinds of pistachio kernels, as well as the peeled pistachio kernels.
  • Italy is a good buyer for pistachio kernels.
  • Australia buys a variety of Kalleghouchi pistachio kernels.
  • Canada is an importer of Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei Iranian pistachio kernels with large size and high quality.

There are certainly different standards in terms of exporting these products to the consumer market.

For example, the EU’s Aflatoxin standard makes it impossible for you to export any type of kernels of any quality to these countries.

Therefore, Artin Dried Fruits and Nuts Company also provides export standards in the field of production of these products.
For more information about the types of these products and also the details of the Iranian pistachio kernel export market, please contact us.

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