Pistachio Kernels for Dubai | Iranian Nuts and Kernels

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Pistachio Kernels for Dubai

Pistachio Kernels for Dubai | Iranian Nuts and Kernels

The Artin Nuts and Dried Fruit company exports Iranian pistachio kernels for Dubai. Iranian nuts are common for chocolate factories as well.

The purchase of first-class Iranian pistachio kernels for export/import is often done from the provinces of Kerman and Khorasan in Iran.
To export/import pistachio kernels to Dubai, it is necessary to check whether it is the final destination of the product or not.
Because many Iranian nuts, including pistachios and their products, are in use for re-export from Dubai to other countries.
For this reason, we must first check where the final destination is.

After that, the type of pistachio kernel is determined and the process of production, processing, and packaging begins.

Best Pistachio Kernels for Export to Dubai

Best Pistachio Kernels for Export to Dubai

What is the best pistachio kernel for export from Iran to Dubai?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions by people in this business.

The important point that we want to mention here is that each country buys pistachio kernels according to certain parameters.
We recount some of these parameters for you below.

  • Standards of the target country
  • Consumption culture
  • Price and purchasing power of customers

For example, health certificates are very important for export to European countries.
As we understand, different countries consider pistachio kernels with different characteristics and buy them.
In the following sections, we introduce you to the varieties of Iranian pistachio kernels.

As you will see, pistachio kernels have a high variety.
This is why some buyers can not decide which variety to buy.
Artin pistachio and dried fruit sales and export consultants can help you in this matter.

We hope to be able to offer these valuable products worldwide.

Delivery of Iranian Pistachio Kernels to Dubai

Delivery of Iranian Pistachio Kernels to Dubai

Iranian pistachio kernels have various markets in different countries.
Neighboring countries, especially the Persian Gulf countries, also cover a large volume of Iranian pistachio kernel exports.

In these countries, first-class, luxury, and high-quality pistachio kernels are more of interest.
The UAE and Dubai usually buy expensive pistachio kernels such as green pistachio kernels.

Peeled pistachio kernel is one of the pistachio products, a very large volume of which is exporting to the UAE (especially Dubai).
The characteristics of this type of pistachio kernel include the following:

  1. It is in use to prepare all kinds of sweets and chocolates.
  2. Due to the high price, they are often using for export to EU countries (or Japan).
  3. This type of pistachio kernel has various qualities and prices.
  4. The UAE generally buys pistachio kernels in bulk.

For more advice and guidance in this regard, you can contact the Artin Pistachio Sales and Export Consultants.

Price Information for Pistachio Kernels

Price Information for Pistachio Kernels

There are different types of pistachio kernels available in the market.
Usually, each pistachio kernel has its own uses and is using for specific purposes.

Each pistachio kernel also has its own price.
Below we will refer to the types of pistachio kernels.

  • Ordinary or Normal pistachio kernels
  • Green or KUL pistachio kernels
  • Wild Pistachio kernels
  • Organic pistachio kernels
  • Granulated pistachio kernels
  • Also, Wheat-shape pistachio kernels
  • And also, Purple skin pistachio kernels

As we have seen, the variety of pistachio kernels is very high.
The daily price of these products depends on various factors.

Supply and demand in the market can be one of the main factors in changing the price of pistachio kernels.
Of course, we have to make a point here.

Pistachio kernel sales increase in certain seasons of the year.
In these seasons, due to rising market demand, prices increase.

Due to the variability of product prices throughout the year, for consultation and purchase, you can easily contact the consultants of Artin pistachio kernel production company and be informed of the prices.

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