Pistachio Kernels for Pastry | Artin Green Pistachios

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Pistachio Kernels for Pastry

Pistachio Kernels for Pastry | Artin Green Pistachios

Using pistachio kernels for pastry, confectionery, bakery, and chocolates is the main consumption of the Artin green pistachios products.

Turkey and Switzerland are among the countries consuming first-class pistachio kernels at reasonable prices in the market due to the production of various types of pastry and various sweets.

The pistachio kernels that are mostly using in these countries should be green. In fact, most of these countries using to decorate sweets and foodstuffs.

Pistachio Kernels for Pastry

Pistachio Kernels for Pastry

Pastry has different types and using pistachios to produce delicious pastries is really common.
Green pistachio kernels are in use not only for pastries but also for chocolates.

There are so many delicious sweets produced by pistachios such as Baklava, Sohan, GAZ, Lokum, and NOUGHA.
The most famous and well-known products are Baklava and Sohan.

Sohan Qom (Iranian Sohan) is available in different types with different qualities and is selling in markets all over Iran.
Many production units and workshops in Iran operate in this field.

One of the raw materials necessary to prepare Sohan and Baklava is pistachio kernels.
Various pistachio kernels are using to produce Sohan and Baklava throughout the country.
Of course, according to the type of Sohan, the type of pistachio kernel required will be determined.

Sometimes it is necessary to use granulated pistachio kernels for pastry.
But in the production of some other products, Whole-shape pistachio kernels (Purple Skin or Green) can also be in use.

Selling all kinds of first-class pistachio kernels

first-class pistachio kernels

The following examples are using for cases where pistachio kernels need to be powdered and a medium green color with a reasonable price is considered:

Pistachios in the form of: Granule, Halved or Crushed, Slivers, Slices and Chops

But if you need to use pistachio kernels that are completely green and preferably with whole-shape, there are two solutions:

1. Using “KUL” or immature pistachio kernels:

KUL immature pistachio kernels

This product is very green, but it has a high price, and for this reason, not all pastry producers can use this sample.
KUL pistachio kernel is a product whose pistachio harvests from the tree prematurely.
This type of first-class pistachio kernel is often milky in skin color.

2. Using wild pistachio kernels:

Using wild pistachio kernels

This type of product is also greener than the KUL samples and they are also very tasty.
Also, their price is more suitable than KUL and normal green varieties, but they are smaller than regular pistachios.
The main reason that many confectionery factories do not use this product is that they are either not aware of its existence or the supply chains can not provide this product.

This is because forest green pistachio kernels are available only in certain parts of Iran, such as East Khorasan Razavi.
Its suppliers are not very numerous. However, the original price is very reasonable.

Artin First-Class Green Pistachios

First-Class Green Pistachios

One of the companies active in the field of first-class pistachio kernels is Artin Pistachios Company.
This company is active in Khorasan Razavi province.

Pistachio cracking workshops in this company is able to produce pistachio kernels of different qualities.
This collection is able to sell pistachio kernels in different color grades by having laser sorting devices (Color Sort Machinery).
There are various pistachio kernels for pastry and chocolates available in this factory at affordable prices as one of the main suppliers and exporters of these products.

All steps of manual sorting and packing are doing in different types in Artin dried fruit factory.
Pistachio kernel packaging is usually done in two general ways:

  • Sack bag: in weights of 25, 30, and 50 kg
  • Carton (vacuum): in weights of 10 and 12.5 kg

Which is done at the request of customers and in accordance with the packaging order.
Since the price of nuts, especially pistachio nuts and kernels are not stable for a long time. You can contact the sales unit to receive the daily price list of first and second-grade pistachio kernels.

By clicking on the images below, you can contact one of the sellers of the Artin company directly.

Delivery of Artin Pistachio Kernels

Delivery of Artin Pistachio

As mentioned, the Artin pistachios company is in Khorasan Razavi province.
By registering your order, you can receive the product in your countries’ customs in a short time.
But before placing an order, it is necessary to go through the following steps to get the desired product with more confidence:

  • Communication with the sales unit
  • Get the products’ price list
  • View photos of pistachio kernels if they are what you need for pastry or not
  • Initial confirmation and approval
  • Finally, registration of the order

You can contact us right now to find out the terms of sale as well as discounts.

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