Pistachio Kernels in Australia | Iranian Pistachios Exporters

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Pistachio Kernels in Australia | Iranian Pistachios Exporters

Pistachio Kernels in Australia are available for many purposes. There are some Iranian pistachios exporters selling various nuts to Australia.

Pistachio kernel exports to Australia from the Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces of Iran have the highest volume. In fact, most of the imports of pistachio kernels in Australia (from Iran) are referring to these two producing provinces and areas.
Also, the Australian market is of interest to exporters of pistachios and their products in Iran.

Iran is one of the largest producers of pistachios in the world. Iranian pistachios have their own buyers in different markets of the world.
Exporters of pistachio nuts and kernels export according to the capacity of each country and the type of product.
Because some products are in high demand in some countries while in another country they are not efficient at all; For this reason, market research and product selection in accordance with the needs assessment are the important steps in exporting any product.

Iranian Pistachio Kernels in Australia

The variety of pistachio kernel production is very high. This issue has led to various applications for the use of these products.

Part of the pistachio kernel varieties is for nut consumption, for which flowering pistachio kernels are often in use.
Another use of pistachio kernels is as a raw material for other products. The most important of these applications are in the production of meat products (sausages and.). Also, ice cream and pastries are the products that you sometimes see pistachios in them.

In this regard, the product should be according to the needs and type of consumption. Because there is a great variety in the production and processing of pistachio kernels.

The main types of pistachio kernels available in Iran are the following names and varieties:

Green pistachio kernels / Flowering pistachio kernels / Peeled green pistachio kernels / Green belly (heart) pistachio kernels / Wild or Mountainous pistachio kernels / Pistachio granules / Pistachio slices and slivers / Pistachio powder

Each of these types is available in different quality grades. Our colleagues in the consulting section of the Artin dried fruit website are ready to provide you with the necessary information in this regard.

Artin Pistachios Factory

Artin Pistachios Company specializes in the products of Closed-Mouth Pistachios. These pistachios are in use either for the production of mechanical-open pistachios or for the production of pistachio kernels.

The variety of pistachio kernel production in this factory is very high and most of the pistachio kernels (you can see them in the previous sections) are available in high volume in this industrial unit.

Due to its expertise in the production, sale, and export of pistachio kernels, this group is one of the companies with a competitive advantage in export markets. Because they are familiar with the laws and standards of different countries. Therefore, they produce products according to the needs of customers.

One of the most important and main goals of the managers of this collection is to provide high-quality products to Iranian and non-Iranian customers. This issue is visible during cracking, sorting, and sieving, and when packing the product.

Pistachio kernels produced in this factory are vacuum-packed with high durability. Because many shipping routes, such as Australia and Canada, are long and the product is shipped by sea; Due to the humidity of the packaging environment, it must be resistant so that the product does not suffer from quality loss.

Price of Pistachio Kernels for Australia

The price of the pistachio kernel depends on various quality parameters as well as market conditions. Since pistachios and their products are export-oriented, the exchange rate of USD to IRR has a direct and rapid effect on the price of pistachios.

In this regard, the price should be provided to you accurately by considering the following items. For this issue, you can contact the sales department of Artin Pistachio Kernel Company.

Pistachio kernel type / Order Quantity / Term of delivery / Quality

We try to make the price of the product as good as the quality in the best possible way to make a profitable business for buyers and sellers in this area.

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