Pistachio Kernels in Canada | Iranian Luxury Nuts

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Pistachio Kernels in Canada | Iranian Luxury Nuts

Pistachio Kernels in Canada | Iranian Luxury Nuts

The Artin company sells luxury pistachio kernels in Canada. This company exports Iranian nuts from Iran to Canada and America.

Usually, exporters use the best and high qualities of Iranian pistachio kernels for export to Canada and America. In fact, the appearance of the products is really important for the buyers of pistachio kernels in Canada.

The market for purple skin and also green pistachio kernels in Canada is very diverse and competitive. In addition to the normal and general types of pistachio kernels, wild green pistachio kernels are also very popular in this market.

This widespread acceptance of Iranian products has caused the volume of shipments of this product from Iran to Canada to increase day by day.

In addition to pistachios and their products, barberry and saffron are also in demand in Canada.
In the following, we will review pistachio kernels and other pistachio products in the Canadian market.

Pistachio Kernels for Export/Import to Canada

Pistachio Kernels for Export/Import to Canada

Iran is one of the largest producers of pistachios in the world. The variety of pistachio production is very high. On the other hand, the varieties of pistachio kernels are more.

Pistachio kernels, in addition to differences in appearance, also have differences in quality. When buying or exporting it in bulk, you should also pay full attention to quality parameters.

To choose export-quality pistachio kernels, we must first know what pistachio kernels are in use for; Some products are for use in sweets and ice cream, others are for consumption in nuts or other applications.

So the first step is to receive information from the market of the destination country and the main buyer of this product. Then, finding a good quality of pistachios kernels in Iran is not a difficult thing to do. Here are some of the best-selling products in the Canadian market.

1. Purple Skin pistachio kernels

Companies mostly produce this variety by cracking closed-mouth pistachios. You can use different types of Fandoghi, Ahmad Aghaei, Badami, and Kalleghouchi pistachios to prepare this product.

Purple skin pistachio kernels have less green color than raw pistachio kernels, but they have a very good view.
This type of pistachio kernel is in use for various applications inside and outside Iran. In Canada, there is a high demand for purple skin pistachio kernels.

There is an important point for this kind of pistachio kernels when you want to export them to Canada:

Don’t forget the uniformity of Size and Shape in these pistachio kernels

2. Wild pistachio kernels

Wild pistachio kernels (or Mountainous pistachio kernels) are very popular in the Canadian market. This product is of interest to the buyers in Canada, especially to the producers of pastries (Baklava, Sohan, and etc.) because of its wonderful green color.

On the other hand, some customers prefer to use this type of pistachio kernel in combination with pistachio powder to improve the color and taste. This type of pistachio kernel is smaller in size than normal pistachios.

The main center of green pistachio kernel harvest is in eastern Iran. Khorasan Razavi province is the largest producer of this product in the country. Limited cracking workshops and factories (producers of pistachio kernels) in the province are producing wild pistachio kernels.

3. Green pistachio powder

Another Iranian product with high sales volume in the Canadian market is pistachio powder. This product is often for the manufacturers of pastries, cakes, ice cream, and meat products.

To produce green pistachio powder, according to the previous section, wild pistachio kernels are sometimes in use; With this method, although the cost is a little higher, the quality of the product increases tremendously.

Exporters of Pistachio Kernels to Canada

Exporters of Pistachio Kernels to Canada

Khorasan Razavi and Kerman provinces have the highest area under cultivation of pistachios. In these provinces, various companies and factories are active in the production of pistachio kernels.

To produce pistachio kernels, various processes are necessary for the product, which is very important in the last stage of sorting and cleaning. Because in the presence of hard pistachio skin among the kernels, the possibility of creating oral wounds for the final consumer increases.

In this regard, laser sorting or precise manual sorting should be done on the test conveyor so that the product is ready for packaging with the least amount of foreign materials.

One of the companies active in the field of producing various types of pistachio kernels is Artin Pistachio Kernels Company. In this company, all kinds of pistachio kernels and powder are available in vacuum packages.

Prices of Pistachios

Prices of Pistachios

The price of pistachio kernels for export to Canada must be according to various parameters. In this regard, the type of pistachio kernel is the first and most important parameter.

Then other items such as quality, packaging type, place of delivery, and order volume must be specified to calculate the price accurately.
To receive the daily price list of Artin export products, you can contact the sales department.

In addition, for the export of pistachios and their products from Iran to Canada or other types of nuts, it is necessary to change the documents to a third country. So that there is no problem at the time of discharge. This is usually done because of sanctions and financial transfers against Iran. Our business team will provide you with the necessary information if needed.

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