Pistachio Kernels in India | New Crop Iranian Pistachios

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Pistachio Kernels in India | New Crop Iranian Pistachios

Do you want to receive a new crop of Iranian pistachio kernels in India? How and Where to find pistachios Suppliers?

In order to import pistachio kernels to India, you need great attention to the health, quality, and reasonable price of the product, because Indian traders are very sensitive about these issues.

Fandoghi pistachio kernel is one of the most popular products in India, which has a very high sales volume because the people of this country are looking for nutrients such as pistachio kernels and almonds and use them a lot every day.

In the summer, the consumption of pistachios and almonds rises sharply in India; Which is why most Indian traders buy their products such as pistachio kernels before this time.
Most of the imports from Iran are from Bandar Abbas port to the Mundra or Nhava Sheva port of India.

Pistachio Kernels Consumption in India

Pistachio kernel is one of the most important and basic pistachio products. The high volume of this product is in use for export to different countries due to its characteristics and value.
One of the most important importers of Iranian pistachio kernels is India. This country purchases Iranian pistachio kernels for various purposes. Here are some uses for pistachio kernels in India.

  • Ice cream production
  • Production of sweets and pastries
  • Use in food products

India is looking for green pistachios due to the use of pistachio kernels in the production of various foods.
The green color of the Iranian pistachio kernel is able to give a very beautiful effect to Indian foods, ice creams, and sweets.
Of course, in many cases, pistachio kernels are in use to decorate these products and have no role in the raw materials of these products.

Finding Pistachio Suppliers in Iran

You all know that in order to buy any product in bulk, we have to buy from the manufacturers.
You can easily arrange a business trip to Iran and visiting orchard owners or pistachio factories by coordinating this event with the Artin Pistachio company.

But in recent years, with the growth of technology and social media, online purchases for agricultural products have also flourished. Obviously, there are various benefits when you are purchasing in bulk but online:

  • Reducing incidental costs
  • Reducing the cost of products
  • Increasing the speed of purchases and sales by better prices

Artin Pistachio Company is one of the companies that is selling pistachios and its products online (but in large quantities) for many years.
Due to its structure, this company is able to provide the above three advantages for all merchants.
In fact, with just one call, you can find out the best price and make your purchase from the manufacturers. For advice, purchase, or export of pistachio kernels, you can contact the consultants of the Artin Company.

Importing Pistachio Kernels from Iran to India

One of the most important points that we should pay special attention to when importing to different countries is the import routes of the destination country.
At first glance, direct exports from Iran to India may be economical. But the best route to import to India is by sea.

In general, suppliers send the product to Bandar Abbas first. Now, with the help of sea transportation, they send these products to ports such as Mumbai, and Nhava Sheva, or even Mundra.
Shipments to India that have reached these ports are also sent to different cities of this country.
In general, maritime transport drastically reduces import costs to India. For more information, advice, purchase, or export of pistachio kernels to India or other countries, you can contact the consultants of Artin Company with a simple contact.

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