Pistachio Kernels Trading Company in Mashhad, Iran

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Pistachio Kernels Trading Company in Mashhad, Iran

Pistachio kernels trading company means a company that exports Iranian pistachio products to supply them to other countries. Like the Artin company that is in Mashhad, Iran, and supplies Iranian pistachio products in bulk.

Most of the Iranian trading companies exporting pistachio kernels are in the cities of Mashhad, Rafsanjan, Kerman, and Sirjan. But each of them offers its own products.

Although pistachio is almost available all around Iran. But each province, due to its own natural conditions, is the exporter of specific cultivars of this product.

For example, suitable varieties for nuts are available in Kerman. And the Qazvin product is very suitable for preparing slices due to its green color and long appearance.

In contrast, the supply of Herati cultivars in Iran is done exclusively in the Khorasan market. In addition, the product of Khorasan province (Mashhad) has suitable features for preparing a healthy kernel, which is available in the active markets of Mashhad.

Since the activity in this field is highly lucrative, many commercial companies are working, especially in the above provinces.

Pistachio Kernels Available in Mashhad

We can mention Khorasan Razavi province as one of the two main centers of pistachio production with Iranian quality.
In this regard, the production of pistachio kernels in this province is also booming.
We can say that due to the diversity of pistachio production in this province, different types of pistachio kernels with different qualities are also available.
These pistachio kernels include forest/wild pistachio kernels, Feyzabadi or green belly pistachio kernels, pistachio granules, Close-mouth pistachio kernels, and green kernels.

Of course, due to the good quality of Iranian pistachio kernels, most of these products are in use for export to different countries.
In the following sections, we have more information about companies that export pistachio kernels (Pistachio kernels trading company).

Pistachio Kernels Trading Companies

In the previous part, we found out that different types of pistachios are available in Khorasan Razavi province.
This leads to a good boom in pistachio kernel production in this province. In this regard, several groups are exporting various types of pistachio kernels and selling pistachio products in this province.

Iranian nuts are generally of high quality. For this reason, commercial companies active in this field carry out many activities in the field of dried fruit exports. These companies are able to introduce Iranian nuts to other countries by selling them in person and online.
Of course, we will explain more about the differences between face-to-face and online shopping in the next section.

In the meantime, these companies are fully acquainted with various certificates for export, customs, and shipping. For this reason, you can easily experience buying and exporting by communicating with these companies.

Artin Pistachio Kernels Trading Company

Artin dried fruit collection is also one of the collections that with its 7-year history in the field of online wholesales of products has been able to provide many advantages for merchants.
This group is in fact a business exporting pistachio kernels and has been able to increase the volume of exports in addition to domestic sales of pistachios and its products.

As mentioned, online wholesales have advantages. For example, companies that focus on online wholesales can reduce the cost of products by reducing their overhead costs. In fact, with one call, you will receive the best and highest quality products at the lowest prices.
On the other hand, the Artin company is in contact with manufacturers.
This will prevent you from having problems such as a lack of suppliers.

Another advantage of buying from Artin Nuts Trading is the ease of purchase and high speed of deliveries.
You can get the product you want by buying from this company much faster than buying in person.

You can contact the consultants of Artin Trading Company for advice, purchase, receiving daily prices of products, or export/import of pistachio kernels.
Artin consultants will guide you on the convenient and fast purchase route.

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