Pistachios Buyer and Seller on Artin Website

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Pistachios Buyer and Seller

Pistachios Buyer and Seller on Artin Website

You can find a good pistachios buyer and seller on Artin Website. Also, Artin nuts and dried fruits company is an Iranian pistachio supplier.

There are many pistachio sellers in the field of pistachio nuts and kernels.
On the Artin pistachio website, you can find and know more about the products of this collection and their daily prices.

Major buyers, sellers, and exporters of this product often provide first-class products at competitive prices.

Artin Pistachios Website

Artin Pistachios Website

Artin pistachio collection is a familiar name in the market of pistachio and its products.
In this collection, in addition to direct sales of pistachios, the following other products are also marketing in bulk:

  • Various types of pistachio kernels
  • Pistachio slices and slivers
  • Chopped and Granulated pistachio nuts
  • Pistachio butter and cream
  • Pistachio powder

The official website of Artin Production company is at Artinnuts.net and the Persian web site can be viewed at Artinnuts.com.
In this company, in addition to domestic sales of pistachios, direct sales of products in the markets of other countries also take place.

Pistachios and Iranian pistachio kernels are very popular in world markets, although American pistachios are one of the competitors of this strategic Iranian product.

Pistachios producing in Iran are mostly sending to different markets through 3 provinces of Kerman, Khorasan Razavi, and Yazd.

The most important types of pistachios that produce in Iran are:

  • Akbari pistachio nuts
  • Ahmadaghaei pistachio nuts
  • Kelleghouchi pistachio nuts
  • Badami Pistachio nust
  • Fandoghi pistachio

Each of these types is selling in different sizes with different visions and appearances in the market.
Each pistachios buyer and seller also know these varieties with the following categorizing.

Pistachio Worldwide Varieties

Most pistachio sellers in Iran are in Kerman, Rafsanjan, Mashhad, Sabzevar, and Bardaskan.
In each of these cities, a special type of pistachio is producing professionally.

Iranian Pistachios Buyer

Iranian Pistachios Buyer

As you are aware, Iranian pistachios are in competition with American pistachios in world markets.

In terms of pistachio production, the United States has overtaken Iran. But in terms of quality, Iranian pistachios are still leading the international market, although more expensive than American pistachios.

In the previous section, we got acquainted with the types of pistachios produced in Iran.
In the next stage, in order to export pistachios from Iran to world markets, accurate needs assessment and marketing must be done in the destination country.

Buyers of Iranian pistachios in different countries like a special type of pistachio with different conditions and tastes.
For this reason, in the initial stage of market research, this is what the experts do.
In addition, some countries require special certifications or specific health analyzes of the product.

Information about this area should obtain from the customs and health and food departments of the target country.
After completing the information, you can contact the pistachios seller in Iran, which is very numerous.

And with the information we have already found, let’s buy the product in question.
With this method of work, it will definitely be a profitable business for all parties, buyers, and sellers of pistachios, and the final customer will buy all the desired products with satisfaction.

Iranian Pistachios Seller

Iranian Pistachios Seller

Artin Pistachio and Nuts Collection offers its products at different quality levels to its customers.
Some countries are sensitive to the quality of exported pistachios, but others are just the price of their main parameter.

The types of pistachios mentioned in the previous sections can be offered in 3 ways in global markets:

  1. Natural Open pistachios (NO)
  2. Mechanical Open pistachios (MO)
  3. A combination of natural open and mechanical open

In the third case, the percentage of a combination of these two types of pistachios determines by the buyer. And the seller of pistachios combines this product with the same percentage.

In this case, the customer and the manufacturer must agree before the transaction, and observe the quality of the product closely.

Pistachio Varieties Daily Price

Pistachio Varieties Price

Price has always been one of the most important parameters in trade and export.
Especially in Russia, Kazakhstan, India, and Iraq, there are many checks and quotes on product prices.

But in European countries, the sensitivity is more on the quality of the product than its price; Of course, the price in these markets is not very high.

Depending on the type of customer who is the final consumer or importer of the product in the target country, the price will be different.
For this reason, when ordering, the product must be purchased and exported with the full and correct knowledge of the customer.

In all the above cases, the Artin production company is ready to provide you with the products you want in Iran or before the customs of any country.
You can contact Artin Nuts and Pistachio Trading Unit to receive and be informed about customs fees and related certificates.

There are many buyers and sellers of Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels working with Artin Pistachio Company. This is our honor to see you beside ourselves in this business for so long.

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