Pistachios for Japan | Iranian Closed-Mouth Pistachio Nuts

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Pistachios for Japan | Iranian Closed-Mouth Pistachio Nuts

Pistachios for Japan | Iranian Closed-Mouth Pistachio Nuts

If you want to import or export pistachios to Japan, it’s more common and really better to buy and use Iranian closed-mouth pistachio nuts.

To export pistachios to Japan, a special type of pistachio must be in use.
Because the health standards required by this country are very sensitive and accurate.
The most important parameter for importing pistachios to Japan is the confirmation of the health of the product in terms of aflatoxins.

Pistachio’s soft skin produces a fungus after the harvesting procedure that they call Aflatoxin.
If the producer doesn’t process in time during the harvest season, Aflatoxin increases rapidly and affects the pistachio kernels if there is an entrance to the hard skin and pistachio kernel.
If there is a high volume of this fungus, a poison (Aflatoxin) will appear in the pistachios.

Many countries are sensitive to aflatoxin levels and conduct rigorous testing.
One of these countries is Japan, but there are solutions for exporting pistachios to Japan.
In fact, if you are really working on this business to purchase Iranian pistachios for Japan and such markets, it’s better to read this article sentence by sentence.

One of the ways is to use closed-mouth pistachio nuts, which will provide you more detail below.

Features of pistachios exported to Japan

Features of pistachios exported to JapanAccording to the previous section, pistachios will have problems in the harvest season in case of not proper processing.
This problem causes aflatoxin and a country like Japan is very sensitive to the health of food products.

Therefore, pistachios that are free of this fungus should be in use for export to Japan.
There are several ways to do this.

The first way is to harvest and process pistachios in a timely manner under the close supervision of experts.
The whole process of peeling and drying must be in a completely hygienic and principled environment.
Considering all these stages, the final natural-open pistachio is free of any aflatoxins.

Another way is to send closed-mouth pistachios to this country.
Given that closed-mouth pistachio has no penetration for aflatoxin, all its parameters are completely permissible.
But this pistachio is in the form of a closed-mouth pistachio that must either be smashed and cracked to produce pistachio kernels or be mechanically open.

The last way is to produce MO (Mechanical-Open) pistachios in Iran and send it to Japan.
The method of producing MO pistachios in Iran is by using cold water and hot dryers.
This type of pistachio is also free of aflatoxins, but sometimes the appearance of the kernel of the product is weaker.

Closed-Mouth Pistachios for Japan

Closed-Mouth Pistachios for JapanNow the question arises whether any type of closed-mouth pistachio can be considered as free of aflatoxins?
Is each Close-Mouth pistachio proper for export to Japan?

Here is an issue.
You should use a device to remove all the open pistachios from the closed pistachio nuts.
Depending on the type of pistachio and also the rotation speed of the machine, some slightly open pistachios are also among the closed-mouth pistachios.

These pistachios may contain aflatoxin.
Therefore, all opened pistachios should be removed.
In fact, no pistachio that has even a speck of crack should be in these cargos.

There are several ways to do this, the first of which is to slow down the separator.
Then there is the manual sorting by manpower on the test conveyor.
Until the final product is 100% without any open pistachios.

Aflatoxin Free Pistachios Price

Aflatoxin Free Pistachios PriceThe price of pistachios for export to Japan depends on several parameters.
Some of the most important of these parameters are as below.

1. At first, the Type of pistachio
2. Size (ounce) of product
3. Percentage of kernel
4. Type of processing and sorting
5. Also, the Uniformity of size and shape

All of this, along with supply and demand and the exchange rate of the USD, is decisive.

Artin Pistachio Production Company is one of the companies active in supplying pistachios (Both Closed-mouth and Mechanical Open).
MO pistachios are professionally produced in a completely hygienic environment for export to different countries by this company.

To receive the price of pistachios, you can contact the Artin pistachio sales unit.
Also, the official website of this company provides you with various communication channels.

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