Purchasing Berberis Vulgaris from Iran

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Purchasing Berberis Vulgaris

Purchasing Berberis Vulgaris from Iran

Edible varieties of Berberis vulgaris produce in Iran. Purchasing Berberis Vulgaris (Red-Edible types) with the Persian name of Zereshk is possible if you know exporters.

Buying barberry from active wholesalers and exporters in Iran has many benefits.
The most important advantage of this is the reasonable and cheaper price of berberis vulgaris in comparison with other options.
Pomegranate seed barberry and puffy barberry produce in southern Khorasan of Iran with different quality grades.

Let us tell you more about Persian Zereshk in the following:

Know more about Iranian Berberis Vulgaris (Persian Zereshk)

Iranian Berberis Vulgaris

The main center of barberry production in Iran is South Khorasan province.
Qaen, Birjand and Darmian counties have the highest amount of barberry production.

Barberry, saffron and jujube are the three exclusive products of this province that are well known in the world markets.

Berberis vulgaris producing in this region of the country is known as seedless red barberry.
Berberis vulgaris bushes in all cities are of the same breed and are no different from each other.
But the question that arises here is how it sells in the barberry market under different names?

To get the answer to this question, we must pay attention to the drying process of barberry.
Berberis Vulgaris processes and dries in a variety of ways, each of which makes the final product look different.
So, if you are purchasing berberis vulgaris in different varieties, It doesn’t mean that the orchards and trees are different.

Puffy barberry has a light color and low Bruising percentage, while pomegranate seed barberry has a darker color.

The Persian name of Pomegranate Seed Barberry is “Zereshk Done Anari” and for Puffy type its name is “Zereshk Pofaki

In most areas of barberry production, trees are not sprayed with pesticides and this issue has maintained the medicinal properties of this product.

Berberis vulgaris fruit, tree leaves, roots and bark of barberry stem use to treat more than 80 diseases.
These berberis vulgaris features make this product have its own customers in all parts of the world.

The proof for this claim is the statistics of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Customs from 2012 on wards, which shows the annual growth of barberry exports to different countries.

Iranian Edible-Red Berberis Vulgaris Features

Edible-Red Berberis Vulgaris

First, If you are planning for purchasing berberis vulgaris in large quantities, you need to know more about this product.
If we want to study Khorasan red barberry in particular, first pay attention to the general characteristics of barberry:

  • Elliptical fruits
  • Red color
  • Seedless
  • Sour taste (Obviously Edible)
  • Shrub with many thorns and 1 to 3 meters high

Now, after the initial acquaintance with edible barberry in Iran, we should study the types of dried barberry.

There are different types of dried barberry in Khorasan, but 2 types have the highest production and sales in the market.

1. Barberry pomegranate seed (Iranian Anari Berberis Vulgaris):

The production process of this type of barberry is shorter than other types.
Pomegranate seed barberry is ready to domestic and export markets almost every year since December.
Barberry pomegranate seeds have a darker color than other types and the reason is drying in direct sunlight.

The crushing (or bruised) percentage of this product is high and should process more carefully because the percentage of foreign materials, especially gravel and stone, is high.

2. Puffy Barberry (Iranian Pofaki Berberis Vulgaris):

This type of barberry takes longer to prepare and usually takes 3 to 4 months.
Puffy barberry has lighter color and has completely puffy shape in comparison with pomegranate seed type.
This product has a lower crushing percentage and a lower percentage of foreign matter.

Puffy barberry and pomegranate seeds have the same uses, but certain types are using for certain purposes.

For purchasing berberis vulgaris, first of all, determine your target consumption. And to get suggestions, make direct contact to our experts:

Purchasing Berberis Vulgaris Directly from Iran

Purchasing Berberis Vulgaris

After getting acquainted with barberry and its varieties: It is time to buy in bulk for supply in domestic and export markets.

There are several ways to buy barberry from wholesalers and exporters and also importers to your country. Each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
Major purchase of barberry in Khorasan province of Iran is usually doing from 3 main markets:

  • Mashhad wholesale market or exporters
  • Birjand Wholesale Market
  • Qa’en Wholesale Market

In each of these markets, many production and processing units are active and sell their products in the market.
Buying from active producers in Khorasan province causes the product to reach the customer and consumer at a minimum price.

In addition, you can see different types of barberry in different qualities and buy the product in accordance with the needs of the target market.

Purchasing Berberis Vulgaris from wholesalers is usually convenient and cost-effective for traders as well as people who sell bulk products in the markets of other countries.

Artin Berberis Vulgaris Price for Export/Import

Artin Berberis Vulgaris

Various factors are effective in determining the price of barberry, the most important of which is the type of barberry.

In other words, pomegranate seed barberry is cheaper than puffy type.
After determining the type of product, it is time to examine its quality and appearance features.

Factors such as moisture content, amount of foreign matter, uniformity, freshness and good taste of the product, proper packaging and time of purchase, have the greatest impact on the cost of barberry.

Artin Barberry Production Company, as one of the activists in the field of sales and export of barberry in Khorasan province, offers its products in different qualities in the market.

Since the price in the market fluctuates, the daily price is usually not listed on the sites.
Customers, be sure to contact the sales department to register your order and find out the details of the order, as well as volume and cash discounts.

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