Purchasing Pistachio Kernels Directly from Iran

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Purchasing Pistachio Kernels

Purchasing Pistachio Kernels Directly from Iran

There are many website selling pistachios. But which of them belong to the producers and suppliers of pistachios and are usable for purchasing pistachio kernels directly from Iran?

After exporting to Europe, different types of Iranian pistachio kernels have faced new purchase orders, and this is due to the good quality of kernels offered in the market of European countries.

Pistachio kernel is one of the products that is exporting in large quantities in different types directly from Iran to many countries in the world.

Given that pistachio nuts and kernels have a very wide range in quality and type, each country, relying on its economic potential and the needs of its market, purchases the product from Iran.

Know more about Iranian Pistachio Kernels Varieties

Pistachio Kernels Varieties

Before everything, Let’s get familiar with Iranian pistachio kernels varieties:

  • Regular pistachio kernel

Regular pistachio kernel

This type of pistachio kernel mostly divides into two types. One of them is producing by cracking machine and the other is producing by hand. all varieties of pistachio nuts producing in Iran are also selling in the form of kernels.
Hand cracked pistachio kernels are a term for regular pistachio kernels whose pistachios crack by hand and the number of purple skin complete shape kernels is high.

Usually, hand-cracked pistachio kernels divide into two types:

  1. Open-Mouth pistachio kernels
  2. Close-Mouth pistachio kernels, which are a better option for purchasing in large quantity to import.

Obviously, The percentage of crushed and granulated kernels in hand-cracked pistachio kernels are lower. In reverse, The price of machine-cracked kernels are really more competitive for wholesale markets especially when you buy directly from Iran.

Machine-Cracked pistachio kernel is ready for sale after peeling the pistachio in a special machine for this purpose.
Fandoghi, Ahmad Aghaei, Badami and Koleghouchi pistachios are used to produce various pistachio kernels.

  • Wild pistachio kernel

Wild pistachio kernel

Wild pistachio kernels are an ideal product for people who are looking to buy high quality pistachios for confectionery.

In addition to confectionery, this product also has high sales in stores of organic products in Iran and abroad.
Wild or forest pistachio kernels finding in Iran mostly grow in forests and mountainous areas in the northeast of Iran.

Of course, a significant amount of this product imports to Iran through Afghanistan.

  • Green peeled pistachio kernel

Green peeled pistachio kernel

Green peeled pistachio kernel is the highest quality and most expensive pistachio kernel producing in Iran, which is using for export to some specific countries.

This type of pistachio kernel is completely green and if this product is properly introduced in different countries, we can expect high profitability in its trade.
Peeled pistachio kernels mostly sort by color.

The main markets for buyers of Iranian green peeled pistachio kernels are Germany, Japan, China and Korea.
This type of pistachio kernel is acceptable by the customs of all countries in terms of all health points.

Purchasing Iranian Pistachio Kernels

Purchasing Iranian Pistachio Kernels

Before requesting to buy different types of Iranian pistachio kernels from wholesale markets or factories, you should pay attention to some points.
The following checks should be performed after the target country or market has been identified:

  1. The proper type of pistachio kernel in the market
  2. Amount and volume of orders
  3. Health certificates required to enter the destination country
  4. Certificates need for clearance of goods
  5. Health analyzes or special certificates from the manufacturer

All these things must be doing carefully before registering the order so that the shipment reaches the consumer in the shortest possible time.
By observing these points, the exporter’s costs also minimize.

On the other hand, customers will be completely satisfied with the received product.

Some points for Purchasing Pistachio Kernels directly from Iran

Purchasing Pistachio Kernels

Accurate information from the market of the destination country should transfer to the production unit.
Because many factories producing different types of pistachio kernels in Iran prepare the cargo according to the purchasing order.

In other words, cracking pistachio kernel is doing according to customers’ orders.
With this production method, the most important points for import in the target country will observe.

On the other hand, freshly producing pistachio kernels will be much better in terms of freshness and taste.
By observing the small points in this field, you can figure out a profitable business for yourself.

In achieve this purpose, you can contact the commercial unit of Artin Collection and use the free consultation of this collection: Call Us now!

Pistachio Kernel Varieties Daily Price

Pistachio Kernel Varieties Price

Product daily price is one of the important points in product trade from one country to another.
Because in the high volume, a low unit price change shows itself perfectly in total amount.

In this regard, most buyers and traders try to get prices from different factories to buy different types of Iranian pistachio kernels.
On the other hand, the prices of pistachio kernels and nuts are directly related to the volume of orders and the daily exchange rate.
For this reason, it is not possible to post prices on the companies’ websites.

But Artin production company provides many communication ways to get the price of pistachio kernels today.
You can contact the sales unit right now from one of the routes.

Make a phone call: +989153627103

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