Red Dates for Canada | Iranian Dried Jujube Fruits

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Red Dates for Canada

Red Dates for Canada | Iranian Dried Jujube Fruits

The Artin Dried Jujube Fruits Company Exports Red Dates to Canada. There are various qualities and prices available in Iran to supply.

The red dates import market in Canada is thriving and Iranian dried jujube fruits are available at affordable prices for this market.
There are Iranian exporters that export jujube not only to Canada but also to different countries.
But the point is that the only imports of Iranian red dates to Canada are for the best quality of this product.

Coarse (big size) and the first-class jujubes with the least amount of wrinkles are good for this country.
Because the Canadian market pays a lot of attention to the appearance and good looks of the product.

Red Dates Production Center in Iran

Red Dates Production

Jujube is one of the strategic commodities of the South Khorasan province of Iran.
This product, along with barberry and saffron, is a high-value agricultural product.

Even in the South Khorasan Province, the central and western parts have red dates orchards.
Most of the jujube cultivation area in Birjand, Khousf, and Sarbisheh cities.
Which includes a large volume of total jujube production in the province.

The plains of Siojan, Majan, and Taghab have the best jujube fruit quality and quantity.
Every year, jujube fruits and seedlings of this region are in use to expand this product as much as possible.

Both fresh and dried jujube fruits are in use to sell in the market. But dried red dates have the most exports to Canada and other countries.
In fact, dried jujube has a much longer shelf life than fresh jujube.
It is also easier to size and sieve and does not damage the product.

Fresh jujube is often available at the beginning of the season for fresh eating.
Of course, the question may arise as to how fresh jujube is offered by sellers throughout the year?
In fact, after the harvest season, there are only dried red dates are available in the market. But some sellers wet the dried red dates and sell them as fresh jujube fruits.

Selling jujube for export/import to Canada

Selling jujube

There are various parameters important to determining the quality of jujubes.
The main criteria for determining the quality of jujube, especially in exports or imports, are as follows:

  • Jujube size
  • Product color
  • Wrinkle rate
  • The ratio of meat to kernels (seed weight/jujube weight)
  • Freshness and no pests
  • Packaging

All of these are directly related to determining the quality and price of the product.

Choosing the suitable quality to import for the market depends on the type of consumption and application.
For example, jujubes that are suitable to export to India are often small in size because they powder it and mix it with other foodstuffs.
But the red dates that are suitable for exporting from Iran to Canada should be large in size and with uniform shape.

You can find this product in your country at the chain stores or spice stores with one of the following names:

  1. Jujube
  2. Red Date
  3. Ziziphus Jujuba
  4. Iranian ANAB
  5. Iranian ONAB

In the Artin company, we have different qualities, quantities, sizes, and colors of jujubes available for wholesale.
There are 4 categories of bigger sizes (Nut Size) jujubes, which are first classified based on size and then based on other parameters.

You can contact our partners to view the photos of each category and also to receive the price list.

Prices of Iranian Red Dates for Wholesale

Iranian Red Dates

There are different ways for you to get the daily price of Iranian jujube for export/import.
The easiest way is to fill out the relevant form at the end of this article.
Ways to make phone calls to sales experts can also be found in the sales and consulting section in the footer.

Keep in mind that high volume purchases include discounts, which in this case need to be coordinated with the sales unit.
In addition, prices include discounts if the purchase is made in bulk and in tonnage.
To see images and videos of each of the defined codes, you can ask about these photos from our colleagues on WhatsApp or Telegram.
If you are on the website with a mobile phone, you can start your relationship with one of the sales experts right now by clicking on the icon below.

Also, if you need a special type of packaging, be sure to discuss this issue with the sales unit.
If possible, the preparation conditions will be explained to you.

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