Sell/Buy Slivered Pistachios Bulk Online

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Buy Slivered Pistachios

Sell/Buy Slivered Pistachios Bulk Online

When you want to sell/buy slivered pistachios in bulk online, It’s better to make a direct contact to the wholesaler or importers and even producers.

Iran is the main producer and exporter of green sliced and slivered pistachios all around the globe.
Qazvin and Kerman pistachio slices are among the best types of pistachio slices in Iran, respectively.

Get the price of sliced ​and slivered ​green pistachios in bulk with just one phone call. you can buy slivered pistachios online now:

Call us nowPistachio slices are one of the perfect pistachio products that have their own customers.
These slices and slivers have many uses. But due to their high price in comparison with pistachio kernels, its production and sales are lower.

Green Sliced and Slivered Pistachios in Iran

Buy Slivered Pistachios

You can not buy slivered pistachios everywhere in Iran because of lower consumption of it in the domestic market.

If we consider it carefully, we find that the largest production units of pistachio slices operate in the provinces of Kerman, Qazvin and Khorasan in Iran.
Proximity to orchards and pistachio kernel cracking units is the main reason for this.

Among the best pistachios in Iran after Qazvin pistachios, we can mention Kerman, Buin Zahra and Mashhad pistachios.
When we call “the best pistachios” it means the best for producing slivers and slices.

Of course, due to the increase in communication between production units, it can be easily seen that some pistachio slicing units in Mashhad obtain their primary pistachio kernels from farmers in Qazvin province.

The reason for the quality of Qazvin pistachio slices is its green and uniform color.

Qazvin pistachio kernel is one of the best products for preparing slices in bulk, so that pistachio slices are exporting more than this region of the country.

Buy Slivered Pistachios Online

Buy Slivered Pistachios

Pistachio slicing units, like other businesses, have set up online stores to offer their products to facilitate the work of their customers across the country.
Pistachio slices also send to buyers by active producers in this field.
But when you are buying or selling in large quantities, you need to check everything.
So, We here in Artin Co., make it possible for you to contact with us online specially in social medias:

With the growth of the Internet in people’s lives and the prevalence of social networks such as Telegram, Instagram and WhatsApp, it is easy to see sample images of products at first.

After the initial approvals, the final order registers and the sliced ​​pistachio sends to the destination city or country.

One of the most important benefits of buying pistachio slices online is a significant reduction in travel costs.

Pistachio Slice and Sliver Wholesale Center

Buy Slivered Pistachios

As mentioned in the previous sections, slice production units of Iran are often in Qazvin, Kerman and Khorasan provinces.

Direct sales centers of these products also operate in the main cities of these provinces.

Artin Production Factory, as one of the activists in the field of sales of pistachios and its products is ready to supply it in bulk.

In this collection, pistachio slices sends both in 22 kg cartons (4 cartons of 5.5 kg) and in 10 kg cartons for customers all over the country and also 5Kg vacuum packages for export.
The main customers of green pistachio slices are the following production units:

  • Confectionery manufacturers
  • Cake makers and bakeries
  • Ice cream makers
  • Restaurants
  • Lokum producers
  • Sohan manufacturers

The highest volume of slice sales is related to these centers.

In fact, pistachio slices are one of the raw materials of these production units and factories.

Bulk Slivered Pistachios Price

Buy Slivered Pistachios

The price of sliced ​​pistachios determines based on the price of pistachio kernels and its side costs.

In other words, the most effective factor in determining the price of slices is the price of pistachio kernels.
Since a large volume of pistachio nut and pistachio kernel production in Iran use for export, the price of these products is highly commensurate with the price of the dollar and currency fluctuations.
For this reason, in some days of the year, we see a lot of price changes in the price of bulk and packaged pistachios.

For this reason, it is not possible to enter the price on the website of Artin Production Factory.

But you can receive pictures and daily prices of products from our partners in the sales unit by making a call or sending a message in the messengers in the shortest time.

To buy pistachio slices, after viewing the price and pictures, you can register your order directly in Artin Production Company.

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