Sell Pistachios in Uzbekistan | Iranian Pistachio Nut Export/Import

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Sell Pistachios in Uzbekistan | Iranian Pistachio Nut Export/Import

Sell Pistachios in Uzbekistan | Iranian Pistachio Nut Export/Import

Are you willing to buy or sell pistachios in Uzbekistan? Iranian pistachio nut has a perfect market in Uzbekistan for export and import.

Pistachio export to Uzbekistan is one profitable business for most of the pistachio exporters in Khorasan, Iran.
Fandoghi and Badami have the highest sales in the Uzbek market.

Both raw and roasted pistachios have good markets in this country.
Obviously, each of these types has its own customer and consumption.

Iranian Pistachios for Sell in Uzbekistan

Iranian Pistachios for Sell in Uzbekistan

Iran is the largest producer of pistachios in the Middle East.
Therefore, Most Asian countries procure their pistachios from the Iranian market.

Inside Iran, various provinces are active in the production and planting of pistachios.
Most products are from Kerman, Khorasan Razavi, Yazd, and Qazvin provinces.

In each of these centers, a special type of pistachio is available and comes to the market professionally.
The main and well-known pistachios produced in Iran are:

  • Akbari (Super Long Variety)
  • Ahmadaghaei (Long Variety)
  • Badami (Long Variety)
  • Fandoghi (Round Variety)
  • Also, Kalleghouchi (Jumbo Variety)

Each of these products is exporting from Iran to different global markets according to quality, size and visibility. But all of them are available and you can sell pistachios in Uzbekistan according to your market tendency and taste.

However, the varieties of pistachios using to export to different countries are Fandoghi and Badami.
One of the main reasons for the popularity of these two types of pistachios is their cheaper price.
Another reason is the specialized production of these products in Khorasan Razavi province, which is in a good position in terms of distance and routes.
All these cases together have made these two types of pistachios in different qualities welcome.

Pistachio Wholesale in Uzbekistan

Pistachio Wholesale in Uzbekistan

To export pistachios from Iran to the CIS market, the most competitive prices are of importance and interest.
Additionally, bulk packaging is more common for exporting to these countries and to sell pistachios in Uzbekistan.

Both raw and roasted pistachio nuts and kernels are in use to sell in the market of these countries.
Salted pistachios are usually roasted with a high percentage of salt and lemon essence (low lemon essence) because they are more customer-friendly in these markets.

Of course, some customers in these countries also order pistachios in 10 kg cartons.
Which are often chain stores or major distribution centers in different cities of Uzbekistan.

Artin Pistachio Company operates as one of the pistachio nuts and kernels producers, suppliers, and exporters in Khorasan Razavi province.
In this industrial unit, there are all facilities for sieving, sorting, roasting, and packaging the product. Also, they can even under customers’ brands.

In this factory and company you can see that all orders would be ready according to the customers’ order.
The route of sending pistachios and their products from Iran to Uzbekistan is usually in two ways:

  1. Land Transit
  2. Rail transport

Of course, Both cases take place through Turkmenistan.
By the way, rail transportation is much more economical if you rent a wagon on a regular basis.

The capacity of each wagon according to the type of pistachio and its packaging is about 50 tons.
However, for more information about bulk purchases and how to export pistachios from Iran, you can contact our partners in the sales and trade unit.

Obviously, by receiving more detail and information, you can make your purchase with more confidence.
Also, all non-in-person consultations in this collection are completely free.

Prices of Pistachios for Uzbekistan

Prices of Pistachios for Uzbekistan

Like the previous sections, price is one of the most important parameters in the market of the following countries:

  • Uzbekistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Russia
  • Pakistan
  • Also, Iraq
  • And also, Ukraine

Some customers use a combination of Mechanical-Open and Natural-Open pistachios to adjust the price.
Also, sometimes %100 Mechanical-Open pistachios are the best option for this country.

In Artin production company, the combination of Natural and Mechanical pistachios is exactly according to the needs and requests of customers.
This type of pistachio is called “Class B” pistachio and pistachios in this class are usually salted and roasted.

In fact, the reason for this is that mechanical-open pistachios do not taste good.
Therefore, by salting these products, their taste becomes acceptable.

To receive the daily price of various types of pistachios, you can contact the sales unit of Artin Company.
Due to price fluctuations of the prices, it is not possible to enter the price on the website.
Finally, you can make a call by clicking on the image below for our sales manager.

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