Slivered Green Pistachios to Import

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Slivered Green Pistachios to Import

Slivered Green Pistachios to Import

You can buy Slivered Green Pistachios online in bulk to import at affordable prices. You can also purchase chopped and sliced pistachios online.

Iranian Green Pistachios have many uses and consumption. Slivered green pistachios are one of them that you see in different markets.

The main production center of pistachio slices and slivers is Qazvin, Kerman, Mashhad, and Yazd.
The quality of pistachio slices is directly related to the quality of raw pistachio kernels.
Obviously, the green color of the chopped and slivered pistachios is the most important parameter of the quality.

How to Produce Slivered Green Pistachios?

Slivered Green Pistachios

To produce pistachio slices, you must first prepare a suitable pistachio kernel.
The pistachio kernel suitable for producing pistachio slices is a kernel that has the following characteristics:

  • Green color
  • Long Shape
  • New crop product with good taste
  • Appropriate fat percentage

These items are also very important in determining the quality of pistachio slices.
Once the pistachio kernel select for production, we enter the processing process.

First, it is necessary to put the pistachio kernels in water to get them out of the dry and firm state.
At this stage, the thin skin on the pistachio kernel separates, and the kernel will appear completely green.
Once all the pistachio kernels are completely skinless, the product is ready to enter the next stage.

At this stage, the pistachio kernels pour into a slicer and the kernels cut evenly.
After removing the pistachio slices from the machine, it is necessary for the moisture of the product to reach its normal and standard level.
Since pistachio kernels were soaked in water to soften them, their moisture is very high.

At this stage, the pistachio slices place on a dryer with a gentle heat.
If the production volume of pistachio slices is high, it is necessary to turn the products on the dryer every few hours.
After this stage, the dried pistachio slices become very brittle.
For this reason, in its transportation and packaging, care must be taken not to reduce its quality.

Where to buy Slivered Pistachios in Bulk to Impor?

buy Slivered Pistachios

The center of production and sale of bulk pistachios is often in the following 4 provinces:

  1. Qazvin
  2. Khorasan Razavi
  3. Kerman
  4. Yazd

All these provinces are known as pistachio producers in Iran.
In all these provinces, slivered green pistachio ​​production units can be found near orchards or industrial towns.

The Artin production company, which is in Khorasan Razavi province, uses the products of all provinces to produce pistachio slices.
Not only Artin company but also others are using various provinces pistachios for their productions.

Because in some areas, pistachio kernels produce at good quality and green color.
In this regard, the producers of pistachio slices buy this product in any province in bulk.

With the growth of pistachio production in different provinces, it is no longer possible to introduce one province as the largest and top producer of pistachio products in Iran.

Green Pistachio Sliced and Slivers’ Features

Green Pistachio Sliced

For selling bulk pistachio slices in the domestic market or export markets, some parameters are of great importance.
The most important features that affect the quality and consequently the price of the product are:

  • Green color
  • Proper long shape
  • Standard moisture percentage
  • Adequate fat content
  • Percentage of granulated and crushed slices in the load
  • Proper packaging
  • Also, Freshness and taste

All these cases evaluate in determining the quality of pistachio slices.
The market for selling bulk sliced ​​pistachios in the Iranian market is often related to the following categories:

  1. Cakes and pastries
  2. Ice cream makers
  3. restaurants
  4. Confectionaries
  5. Chocolate manufacturers
  6. Also, Lokum and halva production

Each of these centers orders a specific type of pistachio slices.
You can contact the Artin sales unit to receive the daily price of different types of high green pistachio slices.

Chopped Pistachios for Import/Export

Chopped Pistachios for Import

Iranian green pistachio slices are also selling in international markets. They are many buyers of foodstuffs in other countries willing to import slivered green pistachios directly from Iran.

Pistachio products such as pistachio slices, pistachio slivers, pistachio powder, pistachio butter, and pistachio paste are offered along with the main product in global markets.
Of course, the main target market of Iranian pistachio slices is most countries that are known in the field of confectionery production.
Or in special circumstances and celebrations, they use this product to decorate their products and food.

Of course, in the import of pistachio slices to some countries, especially EU countries, it is necessary for the product to have a health certificate. Because there are many sensitivities on food at the time of clearance.

For this reason, pistachio slices for import must be prepared in special and completely hygienic conditions.
If it is necessary to export pistachio slices free of aflatoxin fungi and toxin, it is necessary for the primary product (pistachio kernel) to enter the production line in accordance with these conditions.

As in the domestic sale of pistachio slices, the packaging is very important to prevent damage to the product.
This issue is more important in exports because it is both a long distance and much more product handling.

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