Slivered Pistachios for Jordan | Iranian Pistachio Products Wholesale

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Slivered Pistachios for Jordan | Iranian Pistachio Products Wholesale

Slivered Pistachios for Jordan | Iranian Pistachio Products Wholesale

The Artin pistachio company exports Iranian slivered pistachios for Jordan and Lebanon’s pistachio products wholesale markets.

Exports of sliced ​​and slivered pistachios to Jordan from Iran, along with other pistachio products, are booming.

There are good buyers for Iranian green pistachio kernels and slivers in the market of Jordan.
In fact, there are various buyers that purchase these Iranian products and re-export them to Saudi Arabia.

Of course, most of the pistachio slices and slivers in Jordan are for use in confectionery, as well as reselling to neighboring countries.
Buying the first-class green kernel at a reasonable price requires purchases from major manufacturers and exporters in Iran.
Nevertheless, it should be said that Qazvin’s first-class pistachio slivers have the best price and the greenest quality for export in comparison with other producing areas in Iran.

Artin Slivered & Sliced Pistachios

Artin Slivered & Sliced PistachiosThere are different producing units for pistachio slivers in Iran.
The largest provinces producing pistachio slices are as below:

  1. Qazvin
  2. Kerman
  3. Khorasan Razavi

The most important issue in the production of pistachio slices is the type of pistachio kernel that is in use for peeling and slice production.

Usually, the greener the slice of pistachio, the better it is and the better sale of it in the market.
For this reason, completely green pistachio kernels are in use to produce these products.

Pistachio kernels produced in Qazvin are among the greenest products in this field.
Of course, due to the high production volume of pistachios in the Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces, many green pistachio kernels are also available in these centers.

In this regard, producers are looking for pistachio kernels that are completely green and long to produce high-quality and first-class products.

Slivered Pistachios Wholesale for Jordan

Slivered Pistachios Wholesale for JordanAs mentioned, the main centers for the establishment of pistachios ​​products are in the provinces producing pistachios.
In these provinces, many companies are active in the field of production, processing, and packaging of pistachio slices.
But to produce sliced and slivered ​​pistachios for export, some parameters must be under consideration with the utmost care.
Because in some countries at the time of clearance, all kinds of microbial tests and residual pesticides are important.

Of course, these tests are not strict for exporting/importing to Jordan, and the method of sending them to Jordan is very simple.
Iranian slivered pistachios that are for export/import to Jordan must be of high quality and first-class in terms of appearance.

The most important parameters for Jordanian traders and merchants are as follows:

GreennessLong ShapeStandard Moisture ContentProper Packaging

All these things must be of importance to both the producer and the exporter in order to export pistachio slices and slivers to Jordan.

The Artin company is one of the main centers for the production and sale of pistachio slices and slivers.
In this company, pistachio slices are available in different qualities for supply in domestic and export markets.

Our partners will send you the price of pistachio slices along with photos of real products.

Pistachio Slivers Packaging for Export/Import

Pistachio Slivers Packaging for Export/ImportBulk packaging is of great importance for the export/import of ​​pistachio slices and slivers.
Because pistachio slices are thin and if you don’t use proper packaging, the risk of damage to the product increases.

On the other hand, pistachio slices cannot be in vacuum packages because the slices and slivers close to the plastic become completely broken and crushed.

The best solution is to use durable cartons and carefully transport this product.
In the Artin production company, in order for the product to reach the consumer safely, the products are first in 5.5 kg cartons.
Then all 4 cartons are in a larger carton to cause less damage to the slice.
In fact, the weight of each mother carton of Artin pistachio slices is 22 kg.
The same packaging is in use for export to Jordan and other countries.

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