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Slivered Pistachios Wholesale

Slivered Pistachios Wholesale Website | Online Supplier

The main Slivered Pistachios Wholesale Market in Iran is Qazvin city. Artin Co. is a supplier if you want to buy online in large quantities. Check this Website for prices and information.

In fact, more than 90% of the production of Iranian pistachio slices and slivers produces in the largest workshops of Qazvin slivers.
Artin’s website is active in supplying all kinds of this product for importers in other countries.

It can be said that more than 50% of the pistachios producing in Qazvin itself are using to prepare for Slivered Pistachios Wholesale Market.
After that, the main production volume of this product supplies from Kerman Factories.
If you are looking online for a supplier in the slivered pistachios wholesale markets presenting a reasonable price to buy and sell this product, you can contact our sales managers directly by clicking on the image below:

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In the continuation of this text, we will explain about the site and Artin factory as one of the largest suppliers of pistachio slices and sliveres.

Slivered Pistachios Wholesale for Import

Slivered Pistachios Wholesale

The use of Qazvin slivered pistachio for export and import has increased significantly, especially in recent years.
One of the main reasons for this is the increase in prices of this product in rials that leads to a domestic market collapse.

Although the export of green and first-class Iranian slivered pistachios flourishing,but the decline in domestic consumption is causing problems.
In order to export pistachio slices and slivers in bulk, it is necessary for the manufacturer to comply with the standards.
Most traditional suppliers don’t produce slivered pistachio nuts based on European standards.

Of course, each country has its own health standards that must consider based on the destination market.

Artin pistachio slice production company is known as one of the largest producers active in the field of export of this product.
The Slivered Pistachios Wholesale Website of Artin pistachio factory will give you good information about this product.

It should be noted that more than 90% of Iranian pistachio slices and slivers are importing to your country in bulk in carton packages.

You can also visit Artin’s Persian website and export sales:

Best Iranian Slivered and Sliced Pistachio Nuts

Slivered Pistachios Wholesale

The variety of pistachio slices is not as high as other types of pistachio products.
Of course, in terms of quality, obviously, every manufacturer is able to offer several qualities for the same type.

Most factories that supply Iranian slivered pistachio nuts produce the following 2 types of slices:

  1. Qazvin pistachio slices and slivers
  2. Kerman pistachio slices and slivers

The main difference between these two types of pistachio slices is in the color of the product.
Qazvin pistachios are much greener than the other type and certainly have a higher price.

Kerman pistachio slices are a little whiter and sometimes yellow slices can be seen in Kerman’s export qualities.
Of course, the taste of Kerman pistachio slivers is stronger and its pistachio aroma is more.

 Slivered Pistachios Online Supplier

Slivered Pistachios Wholesale

With an online search on the Internet or social networks, you can easily reach the producers of pistachio slices.
One of these manufacturers, which is a major supplier of pistachio slices with export standards, is Artin Pistachio factory.

Artin slivered pistachios are from all two types of Qazvin and Kerman ones.
One of the biggest advantages of buying Artin Company products is its high experience in exporting Iranian pistachio products.
The standards required for the export of this product vary from country to country.
For example, one of the most difficult standards in pistachio import is aflatoxin.
Adherence to the aflatoxin standard alone is not sufficient when performing customs duties and should be controlled during production.

Aflatoxin is a fungus that produces a toxin called aflatoxin. The toxin is heavily controlling during imports to Europe and should not exceed a certain level.

However, there are several tips for buying pistachio slices and slivers for the domestic market or importing.
For more information or to receive answers to your questions, you can contact us directly.

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