South Africa Green Pistachio Supply | Iranian Pistachio Nuts

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South Africa Green Pistachio Supply | Iranian Pistachio Nuts

South Africa Green Pistachio kernels are coming from Iran or America. Iranian pistachio nuts are more common for supply in different markets.

There are some increasing records for imports of Iranian slivered pistachios to South Africa. In fact, Green pistachio is really of interest to many buyers, especially to food products’ producers. There are various chocolate and sweet factories using Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels in their products.

For exporting pistachio kernels from Iran to South Africa it’s important to choose high-quality pistachios.
Pistachio slice for export is one of the main pistachio products that has many fans in all parts of the world.
This product is often in use for applications such as preparing and decorating cakes, sweets, ice cream and etc.

Green Pistachio Kernels in Iran

We all know that pistachio Slices and Slivers are some of the most important and high-quality pistachio products. This valuable product is generally available in three provinces. If we want to briefly recount the names of these provinces, we refer to the provinces of Khorasan Razavi, Qazvin, and Kerman.

Not only pistachio slivers and slices but also whole shape green pistachio kernels are of interest in South Africa.

Generally, pistachio nuts and kernels production is booming in these provinces.
This causes these provinces to start mass production of pistachio slices with the innovation and production of pistachio slicing machines. Of course, the workshops in these provinces generally use high-quality pistachio kernels to produce pistachio slices.
This is due to its customer friendliness and the beautiful green color of the pistachio slices.

Qazvin province, meanwhile, is able to have a large share of the Iranian pistachio slice market by producing high-quality pistachio slices with suitable oil.
Of course, a large part of the production of pistachio slices in different provinces is for export to different countries.
In the next section, we will tell you more about the export of this valuable product, especially the export of green ​​pistachios to South Africa.

Therefore, now you know that most of the South Africa green pistachio is coming from Iran.

South Africa Green Pistachio Kernels Supply

As we understand, pistachio kernels are a valuable and practical product. This causes a country like South Africa, which has few joint activities with Iran, to be very interested in Iranian pistachios and sliced ​​pistachios.

On the other hand, to export to any country, we must first know the market needs of the target country.
For example, a country may produce the highest quality pistachio slices. But this is not the case in South Africa, where cheaper pistachios are in use for importing to South Africa.

Sea shipping is in use for export from Iran to this country.
Most shipments to South Africa are from Bandar Abbas port in Iran.
This leads to a sharp reduction in shipping costs to the country to offer pistachio slices at the lowest price in the country.

As you know, reducing the cost of products is very important for this country. In the next section, we have more details about the price of pistachios for export to this country.

Prices of Iranian Pistachios for Import

Price is one of the most important parameters in the preparation and purchase of agricultural products.
The price of green ​​pistachios depends on various parameters.
These parameters include the color of the pistachio, the size of the kernels, and also the taste and smell of these kernels.

Of course, in recent years, due to fluctuations in the exchange rate of USD to IRR, the price of pistachios and products such as pistachio slices has fluctuated a lot.
This is due to the high export of pistachios and their products. For this reason, it is recommended to know the daily price of your desired product.

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