Super Green Pistachio Kernels for Wholesale

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Super Green Pistachio Kernels

Super Green Pistachio Kernels for Wholesale

Super Green Pistachio Kernels are using in large quantities for pastries and bakery. The Artin Nuts Co. supplies and exports pistachios for wholesale.

Super green pistachio kernels have many buyers due to its good green color. In fact, these kernels have various consumption.
You can get the wholesale price of this product from the Artin website.
Also, Peeled green pistachio kernels are the most expensive products in the field of nuts.
These products have their own use in Iran and abroad.

Super Green Pistachio Kernels

Super Green Pistachio Kernels

Some farmers and producers harvest their pistachios early.
When the pistachios are not fully ripe, the kernels are greener.
On the other hand, when the pistachio is not yet ripe, it is still closed-mouth.
It is said that the pistachio kernel is not yet fully filled to make the pistachio smile.

The pistachio kernel obtaining from cracking this type of pistachio is known as “KUL” or green pistachio kernel.
Now, pistachio kernels that are more green are selling in the market under the name of super green pistachio kernels.
This type of pistachio kernels is more expensive than other types of pistachio kernels.

The size of the super green pistachio kernel depends on its initial pistachio.
If the type of pistachio is inherently large, the size of the pistachio kernel will definitely be larger than other types.

Production Center of Artin Nuts Pistachios

Artin Nuts Pistachios

Artin is one of the centers and factories producing pistachio kernels in the Iranian market.
In this company, the following types of pistachio kernels are mainly producing and selling in domestic and export markets:

  1. Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels
  2. Super Green pistachio kernel
  3. Green Pistachio Kernels
  4. Purple-skin pistachio kernel (Cracked by machine or hand)
  5. Pistachio Halves and Granules
  6. Wild Pistachio kernels (Afghan or mountainous)
  7. Feyzabadi pistachio kernel (green belly and long shape)
  8. Close-mouth pistachio kernels
  9. Wheat-shape pistachio kernels

Each of these types is producing and marketing in different qualities.
In this company, to produce higher quality products, some products sort by the laser sorting machine (for color sorting).
In addition, manual sorting is doing by skilled laborers in the last stage.

For example, color sorting is necessary for producing green peeled pistachio kernels.
The final product is ready to packaging and delivery in 6 different grades.
In the Artin pistachio company, products are preparing in different packages.

For higher durability, a vacuum is usually used, which weighs 10 or 12.5 kg.

Super Green Pistachio Kernels Importer

Super Green Pistachio Kernels

The main specialty of Artin company is in preparing various types of pistachio kernels for export.
As you are aware, for each of the markets that buy pistachio nuts and kernels in Iran, a special type must be prepared.
In other words, a certain type of product has the highest purchase rate in each country.

For this reason, it is necessary to identify market requirements with accurate marketing.
With proper and timely needs assessment, it is possible to select products with better profit margins for export to the target country’s market.

To receive advice in this regard, you can fill out the free consultation forms on the Artin Dried Fruit website.
Artin Comercial Department will do all the matters regarding export and obtaining the necessary certificates for its customers as soon as possible.

For example, some countries require a Health Certificate or Aflatoxin Certificate.
Obtaining these certificates is time-consuming and has special conditions that Artin Trading Team provides all these services.

Super Green pistachio kernel, in addition to use in the domestic market, also has its own fans in export markets.
And there is a very good market to offer this product, especially in the market of European countries.

In addition to buying peeled pistachio kernels in different grades, Germany, Italy, and Spain also place orders for raw pistachio kernels.

Pistachio Kernels Prices and Import Costs

Pistachio Kernels Prices

As mentioned in the previous sections, the price of green and peeled pistachio kernels is higher than other types.
“KUL” pistachio kernels are completely healthy from a microbial and fungal point of view due to their earlier removal from the tree.
On the other hand, the color of the pistachio kernel and its powder is completely green.
All these reasons make the price of Super Green pistachio kernel higher.

The daily exchange rate has a direct effect on determining the price of pistachio nuts kernels.
Unfortunately, price fluctuations are very high at the moment and it is not possible to place a price list on the website.
Anyway, you can contact the sales unit on WhatsApp right now by clicking on the image below.

Our partners will send you the daily price list of the products along with the photos.
By the way, you can also visit the Artin Persian website.

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