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Supply Pistachios for Oman

Supply Pistachios for Oman | Artin Iranian Nuts Exporter

Do you want to supply pistachios for Oman? Artin Iranian Nuts and Dried fruit company is a producer and exporter of pistachio nuts and kernels to Oman.

Natural-Open pistachios export to Oman with the best qualities.
Akbari, Koleghoochi and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios be selling in large sizes with suitable packaging in Oman.

Trade relations between Iran and Oman are very high and a major part of it, is agricultural products.
Except for agricultural products, construction products and supplies such as cement and tiles be sending to Oman.

But in this article, we intend to specialize in the export of pistachios from Iran to Oman.

Familiarity with different types of Iranian pistachios

types of Iranian pistachios

Iran, as one of the best pistachio producers in the world, has a very high diversity in the production of this product.
Kerman, Khorasan, Yazd and Semnan provinces have the highest area under cultivation of Iranian pistachios.

In these provinces, pistachios produce and come to the market in different quality grades.

The most important of these types that have the highest sales and exports can name as follows:

  • Akbari Pistachio
  • Ahmadaghaei Pistachio
  • Kalleghouchi Pistachio
  • Fandoghi pistachio
  • Badami Pistachio

These 5 types know the highest production of Iranian pistachio orchards, each of which produces professionally in a province.

Export Quality Pistachio Features

Export Quality Pistachio

For each country, the characteristics required by the merchants and the people of that country must be examined.
Usually, the markets of countries that import Iranian pistachios like certain types of pistachios more than others.

For this reason, examining the market of the destination country and assessing the needs will be one of the basic parameters in the export of pistachios from Iran to that country.

With this careful examination, the risk of transactions can reduce and a profitable business can figure.

Among the pistachios that supply for the Oman market, we should mention Akbari, Koleghoochi and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios.
These pistachios in large sizes have a significant sales volume in the Oman market.

Important features for exporting Open pistachios to Oman include the following:

  1. Low Percentage of Close-Mouth and Slightly Open pistachios
  2. Lack of pistachios with deformity of size and shape
  3. Proper packaging (10 kg vacuum carton)
  4. Freshness and good taste of pistachios
  5. Proper appearance

The above items are very important when buying and selling and when supply pistachios for Oman market.

Supply Pistachios for Oman

Supply Pistachios for Oman

Iranian pistachios in the Oman market are very competitive in terms of price and quality.
In addition to Iranian and Omani traders active in this field, Indian traders also have a very strong influence in the Omani market.

The main target market of Iranian pistachios in Oman are chain stores and suppliers of food and nuts.
Also, Exporting pistachios to India from Iran happens via Oman.

Some of these companies have a large number of branches or agents throughout Oman.
By examining this issue more closely, an acceptable volume of pistachios required in this market can be easily purchased from its production centers in Iran.
But in exporting to Oman, the features mentioned regarding quality must be taken seriously.

The route of sending pistachios from Iran to Oman is obviously done by sea. Of course, sometimes customers in Oman buy different foods and nuts from Iran in one container. A container mix of many products.

For example, they order pistachios, barberry, saffron, cantaloupe and many other types of dried fruits in a registered order.

Iranian Pistachio Nuts and Kernel Price for Oman

Pistachio Nuts Price

The export of Iranian Open-Mouth pistachios to the Oman market is flourishing in recent years.
During these years, Iranian export quality pistachios have been welcomed in the Oman market and have caused the volume of exports to increase.

But always in all businesses, the price of the product is one of the basic parameters for buying or not buying from a collection or company.
Of course, a fair price according to the type of pistachio and its quality should approve by the buyer and seller.
The price for the export of open-mouth pistachios to Oman should receive from the pistachio production and processing units in the producing provinces.

This will give you more confidence in the quality and competitiveness of the price.
Artin Dried Fruit Trading factory, as one of the activists in the pistachio and pistachio kernel market in Iran, handles all production, processing, packaging, customs formalities and transportation to Oman.

Since the price of pistachios fluctuates with the exchange rate of rials to USD, there are high price fluctuations in this area.

In this regard, the price on websites is avoided. But you can easily receive the daily price of various types of exported pistachios by making a phone call or communicating on social networks.

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