The Best Barberry and Jujube Seller

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Jujube Seller

The Best Barberry and Jujube Seller

There are many barberry and jujube seller in Iran, whose production center is in South Khorasan province (Birjand and Ghaenat).

Barberry and jujube along with saffron are strategic products of South Khorasan province.
In addition to the domestic market, these products also have very good export markets. The reason for this is the pharmacological-therapeutic properties of these agricultural products.

Birjand (Khorasan) Agricultural Products

Birjand Barberry Jujube

Birjand, as one of the desert cities of Iran, has a cold and dry climate.
In this region, due to the extreme cold in winter, most products are highly resistant to cold. On the other hand, the product must be highly tolerant in very hot summers.

Saffron, barberry and jujube are products that cope well with the climate and water scarcity in this region of Iran and have a very high yield.

Iranian saffron has long been known in world markets, but barberry has been introduced in other countries since the 1990s, so that now a large volume of this product are exporting to various Asian, European and American countries.

Also, Jujube (Ziziphus Jujuba) is another product of this region that is exporting to European and Arabian countries as well. If you want to find a jujube seller and supplier, Southern Khorasan is where you need to search.

Various Types of Iranian Barberry

Iranian Barberry

All types of dried barberry producing in this region harvest from one type of barberry shrub (which in scientific sources is called Khorasani barberry shrub).
The scientific name of barberry is “Berberis Vulgaris”.

There are several ways to dry barberry after harvest. This is why dried barberry introduces and sell in the market with different types.
Of course, 2 types have the largest volume of production and sales, which are:

Puffy Barberry or the Persian name: POFAKI
Pomegranate seed barberry or the Persian name: ANARI or “DANE ANARI”

Of course, the process and time of production of each of these products is different. For this reason, they are ready to offer in the market in different time periods.

If we want to compare these products in terms of appearance, it should note that POFAKI barberry is lighter in color than the other type. Another point about crop moisture is that ANARI barberry usually has higher moisture than other types.

Each of these types of barberry has its own market inside and outside Iran.

The Best Iranian Jujube

Best Iranian Jujube

Jujube produces in large quantities in the eastern and southern regions of Birjand. Birjand is the capital of southern Khorasan province.

Jujube does not have different types like barberry. One type of jujube produces in this province, but depending on the climate of the region as well as the type of water for irrigation the trees, the quality and taste of jujube varies from region to region.

To classify jujube, jujube usually divides into several parameters:

  • Jujube size
  • Jujube color
  • wrinkle rate of its skin
  • The uniformity of the load

These factors are effective in determining the quality and price of jujube.
Small jujubes that have a lot of wrinkles is usually using for powder to produce jujube cubes or use in pharmaceuticals.

The Best Barberry and Jujube Seller

Jujube Seller

The best option to always buy wholesale domestically, as well as export the product, is to establish a close relationship with the vendors who are located in the production center.

The seller of the best barberry and jujube in Iran should also be found in Birjand city as the capital of South Khorasan province.

Most of the activists in this region are involved in the sale of all agricultural products, including saffron, almonds, raisins, jujube, barberry and handmade candles.
However, some sellers work on a product in a specialized way, which makes it possible to buy the desired product from an experienced person or company in this field.

Finally, as we told before, you need to find a jujube seller in Khorasan to achieve better profits.

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