Where to Buy Slivered Pistachio? Artin Nuts Company

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Where to Buy Slivered Pistachio? Artin Nuts Company

Where to Buy Slivered Pistachio? Artin Nuts Company

Do you want to buy slivered pistachio in small quantities? Or to buy pistachio slivers in bulk for wholesale? Check Artin Nuts Company.

For importing Iranian pistachio slivers in high quantities, you should find the main producers.
When buying this product in bulk, being green, crushed percentage and packaging are the most important parameters in determining quality.

To produce green and long slivered pistachios, initial pistachio kernels should be completely green inside, and on the other hand, they should be in the category of long pistachios.

In fact, When you want to buy slivered pistachio in bulk, there is a lot to know about:

  • It’s quality parameters
  • The production centers
  • Prices and Packaging
  • How to buy directly from the producer and how to import?

Qazvin is a pistachio production center in Iran that has green pistachio kernels. In fact, These pistachio kernels have the main characteristics for the production of slices and slivers. Therefore, Qazvin is the best place if you want to buy slivered pistachio directly from the producers. But, you should notice that purchasing from the producer is only the start of your import procedure. There is a lot more to do.

The most use of this product is to produce sweets, ice cream, cakes, as well as to decorate and cook some food. In the following, we will get familiar with one of the major sales centers of Qazvin pistachio slivers and slices.
The Artin nuts company is one of the producers of pistachio products who is an exporter as well.

Iranian Best Slivered Blanched Pistachio

Iranian Best Slivered Blanched Pistachio

According to the above, in order to produce first-class and high-quality pistachio slices and slivers, it is necessary for the primary pistachio to have a suitable kernel for this purpose.
Ahmadaghaei and Akbari Iranian pistachios are often in use to produce pistachio slivers because they are the longest types of pistachios.

After the cracking of pistachios and the production of kernels, we must put the pistachio kernels in water for a certain period of time, depending on the type of pistachio kernels, so that the skin on the kernels softens and we can separate them with special devices or manually.

Obviously, the outcome is peeled or blanched pistachio kernel.
Then the producer pours the peeled green pistachios inside a slicer device. After that, the slices need to be on the dryer so that their moisture reaches the normal and standard level.

These are almost all the production steps for green slivers or slices of pistachios that you see in the market.

Keep in mind that in the production of pistachio slices, in addition to having a good pistachio kernel, expertise in slicing and adjusting the machine is also very important; Because in the production of slivers, a percentage of the product may be smashed and or produced in very small sizes.

In this regard, it makes sense to contact reputable manufacturing companies for bulk purchases, however, before buying, you can see a sample of the products closely to do this process with confidence.

Qazvin Green Pistachios Sale

Qazvin Green Pistachios Sale

In addition to Qazvin, pistachio slices are available in high volumes in Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces; These provinces are all the largest producers of pistachios in Iran, which offer their products in foreign markets in addition to domestic markets. In fact, more than %80 of the Iranian pistachios production is in use for export to other countries.

Of course, many producers prepare pistachio kernels from Qazvin province at the beginning of the harvest season. And during the year, they produce Qazvini pistachios in bulk and sell them in the market.

Iranian pistachio harvest season starts from September and takes 2 months.

One of the companies producing and selling Qazvin green pistachio slices is the Artin Pistachio Company. In this company, pistachio slices are available in 2 different qualities. Doing so will allow buyers to place an order according to their needs.

Many customers need pistachio slices and slivers to export to other countries. Which according to the target country, they should choose their appropriate quality and quantity; For example, for countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, and Germany, the best quality of the products must be in use and the price is not the first thing to consider about.

But for countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Bahrain, and Azerbaijan, more common products can be selected according to the supply market and the export process can be done; To choose pistachio slices, you can use the advice of our sales and export managers.

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Prices to Buy Slivered Pistachio

Prices to Buy Slivered Pistachio

To receive and view the price of ​​green pistachios, it is necessary to contact one of the companies producing or selling this product; Because due to the fluctuations of the pistachio market inside Iran, sometimes the prices are not that stable for announcing on the website.

Therefore, direct communication with the Artin sales department is possible in different ways and you can use it.

  • Complete consulting and sales forms
  • Send messages on social networks such as WhatsApp
  • Direct contact with one of the sales experts by calling them
  • Send an email to Artinnuts@gmail.com

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