White Skin Pistachios to Import

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White Skin Pistachios

White Skin Pistachios to Import

White Skin Pistachios have many buyers in Indian, China, Qatar, and Srilanka. If you want to import Iranian pistachio nuts, you need a good supplier.

Iranian white skin pistachios divide into two general categories.
Nough region in Rafsanjan is one of the largest producers of Ahmad Aghaei pistachios with white shell skin.

These types of pistachios are often using for export to India.

Iranian White Skin Pistachios to Import

White Skin Pistachios

When the name of white pistachio mention in the pistachio market, most people think of Khorasan Badami (Long) pistachio.
But Ahmad Aghaei pistachio producing in the Nough region of Rafsanjan also has very white skin without stains.

In general, to introduce two types of pistachios producing in Iran that have white skin, the following can be mentioned:

  • Khorasan Badami White Skin Pistachios
  • Rafsanjan AhmadAghaei White Skin Pistachios

These pistachios are both in the category of long pistachios and are using for export to different countries.

In the following sections of this article, we will provide explanations about the export destinations of each of these types.

Harvesting of Badami and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios starts after Fandoghi pistachios and they are ready to the market almost from the middle of October every year.

Khorasan Razavi and Kerman provinces have the highest area under pistachio cultivation.
The center of Badami white pistachio production is in the Feyzabad region of Mehwalat, Khorasan Razavi
Ahmad Aghaei white pistachio is also producing in high volume in the Nough region of Rasanjan in Kerman province.

Rafsanjan White Skin Ahmadaghaei Pistachios

White Skin Ahmadaghaei Pistachios

As mentioned, Rafsanjan is one of the largest producers of Ahmad Aghaei pistachios.
But in many other areas, Ahmad Aghaei pistachios are also producing, including the cities of Neishabour and Bardaskan in Khorasan Razavi province.

In terms of quality and size, Ahmad Aghaei pistachios are often between Badami and Akbari types.
The price of this type of pistachio is more expensive than Badami and cheaper than Akbari pistachio.

Ahmad Aghaei Iranian pistachio, in addition to having good sales in the domestic market, is also very popular in international markets.
This type of pistachio has a long and uniform appearance. Its skin is white and its pistachio kernel is purple and beautiful.

These reasons have increased the sales volume of this product.
Artin Pistachio company is a producer of Ahmadaghaei pistachio in Khorasan and Kerman province.
In this collection, products are selling in different packages (Bags, Cartons, Small packages, etc.) in domestic and export markets.

Importing Pistachios With no Stain on Skin

Importing Pistachios

As mentioned, a large volume of pistachios produced in Iran is used for export.
But if we want to refer to the export of white skin pistachios in a professional way, we must pay enough attention to one point.
One of the countries where people and their traders are very sensitive to the white skin of pistachios is the great country of India.

In India, three parameters are very important for buying pistachios:

  1. Pistachios are Long shape
  2. Pistachio skin is white
  3. The price is affordable

According to the first case, only Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei and Badami pistachios are suitable for export to India.
But the second and third feature causes Akbari pistachio to be removed from the options or in other words, its export volume reduces.
But two types of pistachios, Ahmad Aghaei and Badami, have a very high sales volume in India, especially near the Diwali festival.

Other destinations of Iranian Ahmad Aghaei and Badami pistachios are the following countries:
In fact, the following countries import Iranian long pistachios in bulk.

  • Russia
  • Pakistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Iraq
  • Ukraine
  • Switzerland
  • Germany

Of course, each of these countries buys any type of pistachio with special conditions.
For example, in Russia and Ukraine, pistachios are in demand in the salty form with a high percentage of salt.

Iranian White Pistachio Nuts Price

White Pistachio Nuts

The price of Iranian export-quality pistachios has always been one of the main parameters in the trade of this product.
When it comes to the price of pistachios, pistachios often have specific features:

  • Pistachio type
  • Pistachio size (ounce)
  • Appearance
  • Percentage of close-mouth
  • Percentage of slightly open
  • Packing (bag or carton)

All these parameters, along with the natural-open or mechanical-open quality, determine the final price of the product.
On the other hand, the daily price of Iranian pistachios for export directly relates to the exchange rate of USD to IRR.
In other words, pistachios are buying and selling in USD in export markets, but their price in Rials in the Iranian market changes a lot.

To receive the daily price of white skin pistachios for export, you can contact the sales unit of the Artin collection.
Please specify all of the above parameters before contacting us so that the exact price can be provided to you.

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