Wild Pistachios for Sale | Artin Afghan Pistachio Kernels

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Wild Pistachios for Sale

Wild Pistachios for Sale | Artin Afghan Pistachio Kernels

The Artin company produces and supplies Afghan wild pistachios for sale in bulk. Wild pistachio kernels are green and perfect for pastries.

Mountain or forest wild pistachio kernels are available in large volumes in Iran and Afghanistan.
In the wholesale of this type of pistachio kernel, the amount of greenness and freshness is of great importance.

wild pistachios have two types and the remarkable point is that this type of pistachio kernel is completely green and is very tasty.
One of these types of wild pistachios for sale has kernels with white skin and the other variety has kernels with purple color.

Introduction of Wild Pistachios for Sale

Wild Pistachios for Sale

Many people confuse wild pistachio kernels with Pistacia Atlantica.
Pistacia Atlantica (Mt. Atlas mastic) is called wild pistachios, which are completely round.

The center of Pistacia Atlantica in Iran is mostly in Shiraz province, but wild pistachios are in Khorasan Razavi province.
The price of wild pistachio kernels is higher than Pistacia Atlantica.

In the above video, you can see the pictures of the pistachio kernels of the forest or mountain of Khorasan.
In fact, pistachios in the above video are Wild Iranian and Afghan pistachios using for sale in different markets especially India, Germany, Iraq, and Turkey.

Wild Pistachio Kernels Uses

Wild Pistachio Kernels Uses

Wild pistachio kernels have many uses due to their good taste and color.
In this section, we briefly explain the uses of this type of pistachio kernel.

Using pistachio kernels to decorate sweets:

The main reason for this use was mentioned above, and that is the excellent greenness of this product.
This feature has made it suitable for decorating sweets, especially baklava in Turkey and Sohan in Iran.
On the other hand, as raw material, many sweet producers use wild pistachio kernels inside the product because of its very good taste.

Combining this product with other ingredients creates a very good taste in the final product.

Using pistachio kernels for export:

The export of this product to different parts of the world is for two purposes, the first point is that this product is organic.

Due to the fact that the growth of mountain pistachios in wild forests without the use of fertilizers and chemical toxins is completely organic, it is in use not only for export to different countries but also for sale in domestic stores supplying organic products.

Wild Pistachio Kernels Production

Wild Pistachio Kernels Production

Usually, wild pistachio kernels collect by local people in different areas of Khorasan (Iran) and part of it is in the hands of government agencies.

Since these types of pistachios are very small, they only need to be cracked with special devices.
To clean it, the pistachio kernel must pass through the conveyor so that the workers of the production line can make it perfectly uniform.

In the Artin production company, as one of the providers of forest pistachio kernels, a laser sorting machine is also in use to clean the product.
Since there is a high percentage of pistachio shell skin in this product, a large part of it deletes by using this device.
The cleanliness and uniformity of the load are very important for customers.

On the other hand, due to the use of pistachio kernels in various sweets and pastries, no foreign substances and wastes should be present in the load.
Because of the risk of damage to the consumer’s mouth and teeth.
In this regard, in the Artin production factory, we have two stages of sorting by machine and by hand.

Iran Wild Pistachio Kernels

Iran Wild Pistachio Kernels

In addition to Sarakhs mountainous areas in Khorasan Razavi province, most of the products of this product are in Afghanistan.
The forests where this crop grows are in both Iran and Afghanistan.

Some products in Iran imports through the eastern borders of the country (from Afghanistan).

Artin production company is one of the sellers of this product in Khorasan Razavi province.
The head office of this company is in Mashhad and all contracts for the sale of goods are in this office.

The packages for wild pistachios wholesale are as follows:

  • 50 Kg bags
  • 25 Kg bags
  • 10 Kg cartons
  • 10 kg vacuumed packages in carton

Depending on the destination and shelf life of the product, the type of packaging is chosen by customers.

Of course, although vacuum packing has a high cost, the shelf life of the product and also the lack of quality change are the most important features of this type of packaging.

If you need to buy this product in bulk, you can contact the Artin sales unit.
Our partners in this section will provide you with all the technical information and current prices.

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