Barberry Exporter to America | Dried Red Berberis Vulgaris

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Barberry Exporter to America

Barberry Exporter to America | Dried Red Berberis Vulgaris

The Artin company is a barberry exporter to America. Dried red Berberis Vulgaris has many uses and consumption in the market of USA.

What parameters should companies exporting red barberries to the United States follow?
Where can we get the daily price of Iranian Berberis Vulgaris for export?

Join us to get the answers to these questions and also to get acquainted with the Artin barberry company.
We will provide you with comprehensive information about the export of barberry.

High-Quality Dried Red Berberis Vulgaris Production

Red Berberis Vulgaris Production

The center of cultivation and production of edible and red barberry is Iran.
In this country, various types of barberries are producing and sending to domestic and foreign markets.

There are several markets for barberry.
Each of these markets is in demand for a specific type of barberry.
But you can not find barberry exporter to America easily.

On the other hand, the quality desired by customers in different markets is different.
Production of dried red barberry in Iran has a long process.
It takes about 3 to 5 months after the harvest season for the puffy-shape-dried barberry to reach standard moisture.
The standard moisture limit of barberry is %16 and should not exceed this amount.
To produce puffy shape Berberis Vulgaris, the products should be transported to the hall after being separated from the trees when the fresh barberries are still on the branches.

Barberry drying halls in the South Khorasan province of Iran are famous as TALAR ZERESHK.
In these halls, either these barberries get hung from the top of the hall or placed on different pre-prepared floors.

Iranian Barberry Exports

Iranian Barberry Exports

According to the statistics of the Chamber of Commerce and the IRNA news agency, the volume of barberry exports from Iran in previous years has been between 370 and 500 tons.

This amount is a small number in comparison with the production of more than 12,000 tons of barberry in South Khorasan province.
This statistic is about the year 2018.
In the second half of 2019, we saw a significant increase in the export of barberry to various markets.
But with the outbreak of the Corona-virus, unfortunately, food exports fell sharply.

This issue had a direct impact on the work of exporting Iranian barberry. Especially, there is no exporter of Iranian barberry to America that hadn’t experienced losses in this business.
In such a way that many orders were sent in 2019 or various contracts were prepared with delay or its delivery was canceled.

These issues occurred due to the occurrence of public and global problems as well as various quarantines in different countries.
It is hoped that after the end of the disease, the export volume of this healthy and organic product will be more than before.

Iranian barberry is mostly exporting to the following countries.
In other words, the main buyers of Iranian barberry are the following countries:

Turkey – Germany – Russia – USA – Canada – Ukraine – Pakistan – Iraq

Of course, each of these countries uses a specific type of barberry for special consumption.
In addition, barberry and the active ingredient in its root and bark (BERBERINE) are using in the production of various medicines.

Barberry Exporter to America

Barberry Exporter to America

Exporters of red puffy-shape-dried barberry (Persian Berberis Vulgaris) often send this product to countries where the appearance of the product is of great importance.
Appearance characteristics that distinguish puffy barberry from pomegranate-seed-shape barberries are:

Bright color – low crushing percentage – more puffy shape – standard misture – good visibility

This makes puffy barberry more popular in Germany, Canada, and the United States.
In other words, quality parameters are of great importance for these countries, especially Germany and the United States.

The Artin company, as one of the companies exporting puffy barberry, sends its best products to these markets.
Of course, some customers need an organic product with testing and analysis, which is described in detail in the article “Barberry without pesticides“.
In the Artin production complex, various types of barberries are producing and selling according to hygienic standards.
There are different export markets in different countries for this Iranian product.

Meanwhile, the commercial team of Artin barberry production company will perform all customs formalities and obtain the necessary certificates for the export of barberry as soon as possible.

You can contact this unit for more information.
There is contact information on Artin’s website. You can also wait for our colleagues to contact you by completing the forms on the website.

How about Barberries Prices?

Barberries Prices

To get the daily prices for dried red barberries, we must try to contact the producers and exporters.
Because this way you can purchase and buy your desired products at a competitive price.
On the other hand, the manufacturer has the possibility of any change in the product.

In other words, the production unit can process the product according to the standard of the target country.
For example, some customers prefer a product with a lower moisture content than standard.
Although this will increase the final price of the product, the manufacturer has the ability to do so.

To have a price, you must first specify a few key parameters.
By giving the following information, you can get the daily price of barberry from our sales experts.

  1. Barberry type (puffy, pomegranate seeds, subtalar)
  2. The order volume
  3. Type of packaging
  4. Time of purchase
  5. Place of delivery
  6. Special cases (moisture, a special certificate, etc.)

You can contact one of the sales experts of the Artin barberry collection right now by clicking on the image below.

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