Cheap Green Pistachio Kernels Wholesale Center

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Cheap Green Pistachio Kernels

Cheap Green Pistachio Kernels Wholesale Center

There are not many different types of cheap green pistachio kernels in wholesale market of Iranian Pistachios. We advise you Artin Company’s Wholesale center.

Pistachio kernels production and sales centers usually sell their cheap products along with other products.
Of course, the freshness and greenness of pistachio kernels is the main criterion for buyers and producers of ice cream, sweets, confectioneries as well as protein products and also many other foodstuffs.

Different provinces in Iran produce pistachios, but the highest production is related to the following centers:

  1. Kerman
  2. Khorasan
  3. Yazd
  4. Damghan

In these provinces, you can buy cheap and high quality pistachio kernels from pistachio cracking workshops.

Cheap Pistachio Kernels Varieties

Cheap Green Pistachio KernelsThere are many cheap pistachio kernels, some of which are described below.

Pistachio kernels categorize based on color, size, shape and some other appearance parameters.
If the amount of the kernels in 100gr sample of close-mouth pistachio nuts is less than %40, Tiny and small kernels would be in the outcome of cracking unit.

The most important types of pistachio kernels that are cheaper than other types are as follows:

  1. Halved pistachio kernels
  2. Crushed pistachio kernels
  3. Green belly pistachios (Faizabadi) or Badami pistachio kernels in Khorasan
  4. Tiny pistachio kernels
  5. Granulated and Powdered pistachio kernels

The above are less expensive (cheaper) than the kernels of purple skin pistachios and green peeled ones.

This type of pistachio kernel is often used for powdering or blending in other products.

As you know, pistachio kernels have many different uses.
That’s why pistachio kernels should be fresh and of good quality, so as not to disturb the taste of the final product (ice cream, sweets, baklava, etc.).

Cheap Green Pistachio Kernels and Powder Wholesale Market

Cheap Green Pistachio KernelsThese products often have to be purchased from workshops or wholesalers in pistachio-producing cities.
Near the production center, there is always more variety to buy a product at a more competitive price than other centers.

For this reason, wholesale centers in Kerman, Mashhad, Faizabad and Rafsanjan are good options for buying bulk pistachio kernels and pistachio powder.

Of course, much attention should pay to product quality in these areas.

A very important point in buying pistachio kernels and cheap pistachio powder is the “absence of shell skin” in the load.

Since this product is the raw material of other foodstuffs, it must be completely sorted because there is a possibility of damaging the final consumer.

That’s why some manufacturers are more sensitive to cleaning and sorting the product.
Some manually sort pistachio kernels, and others do so with laser color sorting devices.

Although this process involves cost, the consumer will get the perfect product.

Artin Pistachio Kernels Wholesale Center

Cheap Green Pistachio KernelsArtin Company is one of the pistachio kernels production factories in Khorasan province.

This production-trading factory performs all the affairs of cracking, packaging, exporting and shipping, as well as customs affairs and receiving export certificates of products.

The activity of this factory near the Khorasan Pistachio Production Center has caused it to have various competitive advantages.
In this collection, all types of pistachios produce with different qualities and send to domestic and international markets.

One of the most important products available in this field is:

  • Purple Sking pistachio kernels
  • Two-skinned or Green Peeled pistachio kernels
  • Regular types of pistachio kernels
  • Wild pistachio kernels
  • Cheap kernels
  • Many types of cheap green pistachio kernels

These products package in bags or cartons according to the customer’s order and can be vacuumed if needed.

For more details and also to know the price and conditions of sending products, you can contact the sales department experts right now.

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