Faizabad Pistachio Kernels – Iranian Artin Nuts

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Faizabad Pistachio Kernels

Faizabad Pistachio Kernels – Iranian Artin Nuts

Faizabad pistachio kernels have green inside and mantle. The shape of these kernels is long but they are not that purple skin and large in size.

High-quality pistachio kernels in Faizabad, also known as green belly pistachio kernels, have reasonable prices.
The low price and good green color of this product cause its export volume from Iranian ports to increase.
Green pistachio kernels are often using to make ice cream and sweets in powder form.

Iranian Faizabad Pistachio Kernels

Faizabad Pistachio Kernels

Khorasan Razavi province has been known as one of the centers of pistachio production in recent years.
In this province, due to suitable weather conditions, pistachios are producing in high volumes.

Most of the Faizabad pistachios are Fandoghi, Badami, and Akbari.
The main center of Badami pistachio is Faizabad city itself.

In this region, farmers are active in planting Badami pistachios in addition to pomegranate production.

The essence of Badami pistachio is such that the percentage of close-mouth and slightly open pistachios harvesting from the orchard is high.
For this reason, most production and processing units produce pistachio kernels from these pistachio nuts.
Faizabad Pistachio kernels are very green in comparison with their counterparts because they are not open-mouth.

Although this type of pistachio kernel may not look very good, there is a very green product under the skin of the pistachio kernel.
Many manufacturers sell these products as peeled green kernels after peeling.

Iranian Artin Nuts and Kernels for Export/Import

Artin Nuts and Kernels

Artin Commercial Production Company is one of the activists in the field of production, processing, and packaging of pistachios and pistachio kernels in Khorasan Razavi.

Due to its location near production centers, this company and factory offer a variety of pistachio kernels.
One of the products that are selling professionally by this company is the high-quality Faizabad pistachio kernels.

This pistachio kernel is also known as green belly, green heart, or Badami pistachio kernel in different markets.

In this factory, all products are sorting and if you need wheaty-shape pistachio kernels, you can receive the products in a fixed size all year round.

To receive product images, you can contact the company’s sales and trade unit on WhatsApp.

Exporting Iranian Pistachios from B.Abbas Port

Exporting Iranian Pistachios

Bandar Abbas is the main and the most important port of shipment for Iran’s products.
Due to its proximity to open waters, this city is one of the main options for exporting and importing various items.
On the other hand, access to this city is possible from all parts of Iran.

The same is true for pistachio products and its products such as pistachio kernels, pistachio slices, pistachio powder, and etc.
Of course, other routes can use for export to neighboring countries, but for most exports, products are sending this way.

Meanwhile, some buyers of Iranian pistachio kernels prefer to receive their products through customs in Bandar Abbas (FOB).
After that, they should do only maritime transport and clearance in the destination country and not involve in Iranian customs formalities.

In this regard, Artin Company is ready to deliver products in various incoterms inside and outside Iran.

You can coordinate with Artin Trading Team to get more information about customs fees, obtaining the necessary certificates for export and similar items.

Prices of Faizabad Pistachio Kernels in Iran

Faizabad Pistachio Kernels

As mentioned, the price of high-quality pistachio kernels in Feyzabad is cheaper than other types of pistachio kernels.
This product is widely using by Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and etc In large quantities.
The variety of Feyzabadi pistachio kernels is also high and it is available in different qualities.

Of course, in the Artin pistachio kernel company, in order for the products to be tasty, pistachios are usually cracking after registering the order.
With this method, high quality and tasty products place in packages.

To receive the daily price of high-quality pistachio kernels in Feyzabad or other types of pistachio kernels, you can fill out the form below.
Or contact the numbers on the site that are related to the company’s sales unit.

In addition, there are various options available for export customers for packaging, the most important of which are as follows:

    • Bags in different weights
    • 10 kg cartons
    • 10 kg vacuums in cartons

Which is placed in the requested packaging according to the needs and orders of the target market.

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