Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels | Iranian Nuts

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Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels | Iranian Nuts

Iran produces really green peeled pistachio kernels in large quantities. Iranian nuts are almost available in all countries and there are many exporters.

Blanched pistachio kernels call “Peeled Pistachio Kernels” and have many uses in different markets.
This type of pistachio kernel divides into different grades according to the degree of greenness.
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Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels Varieties

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels

First, we will briefly mention how to produce this best-selling product in global markets.
To produce this product, pistachios harvest from the tree earlier than the specified time (When they are still unripe and immature). This type of pistachio is called KALAK in Persian.

KALAK pistachio has a completely green pistachio kernel.
But to produce green peeled pistachio kernels, in addition to the hard skin of the pistachio, the thin skin on the pistachio kernels must also be removed.

That is why this type of pistachio kernel also calls a double-skinned green pistachio kernel.

To separate the thin skin on the pistachio kernel, it is necessary to put this product in boiling water and separate the skin from the pistachio kernel by processes.

After that, the moisture of the product must return to its standard and normal level to continue the production process of the product.
At this stage, the peeled pistachio kernels should separate according to the degree of greenness.
This does both manually and with the use of laser sorting devices (Color Sorting) with high accuracy and more speed.

Producers of this type of pistachio kernels in Iran are less than the number of fingers on both hands.
These products are often classifying into 6 or 7 grades and are available in global markets.

Artin Green Pistachio Kernels

Artin Green Pistachio Kernels

The sale of green peeled pistachio kernels is mainly doing in Kerman and Khorasan provinces.
Producers of this product are operating near orchards and pistachio production centers in these two provinces.

More than 95% of blanched green pistachio kernel products are using for export/import to global markets.

In the following sections, we will give more details about the target markets and the main buyers and importers of these products as one of the luxury Iranian nuts.
One of the production units and exporters of green peeled pistachio kernels in Iran is the Artin Pistachio Production Company.

In this collection, all products produce and process using fully automatic machines.
In addition to offering regular products, aflatoxin-free products are also selling in the market by this company.

Iranian Peeled Pistachios Export Markets

Peeled Pistachios Export Markets

As you know, most pistachio kernel products are using separately for export to world markets.

The following countries have the largest volume of purchases of blanched green pistachio kernel (GPPK):

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • China
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Italy

This product has only its own customers due to its much higher price than other types of pistachios.
These green pistachio kernels prevent pests from entering the kernel because the pistachios are removed from the tree earlier in the harvest season. In fact, the initial pistachios are close-mouth.

On the other hand, it is producing in a completely hygienic environment and is ready for the market.
These properties make the pistachio kernel, free of any pests.

For example, for European Union countries, the freeness of agricultural products from fungi and aflatoxins is an important feature and parameter.
This type of pistachio kernel has all these features and therefore has a high sales volume in EU countries.

Artin Nuts Daily Prices

Artin Nuts Daily Prices

As you know, this type of pistachio kernel is much more expensive than other types of pistachio kernel due to its special production.

Since the sale of green peeled pistachio kernels is more in European and Chinese markets, the prices of these products are announced in dollars or euros.
Since, unfortunately, the currency price in Iran fluctuates in some periods of time, the Rial price of this product in Iran changes.
But in export markets, most of the dollar prices do not change and most annual or multi-year contracts conclude in dollars.

In the Artin company, long-term contracts conclude with customers for a specific annual purchase volume, and the products provide to them at a specified time.

For more information about the price and also to receive product samples, you can contact the sales department.

The packages of these pistachio kernels in this collection are in the form of 10 or 12.5 kg vacuums.
Which is used in cartons without brand or with brand according to customers for domestic sale or import.

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