Iran Pistachio Kernel Factory | Production to Export

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Pistachio Kernel Factory

Iran Pistachio Kernel Factory | Production to Export

Are you searching for a pistachio kernel factory in Iran? Artin company is one of them doing production to export from A to Z.

Factories producing pistachio products are often located near pistachio orchards.
Pistachio kernels in Iran have a very high diversity due to the diversity in the production of pistachios itself (It means in-shell pistachios).
In the following, we will briefly introduce the types of Iranian pistachio kernels.

In addition to the domestic market, the pistachio kernels producing in Iran also have a very wide export target market. Note only the taste and the quality of Iranian nuts are high, But also the pistachio production quantity is a huge amount.
That is why the discussion of quality in this field is of great importance.

Iranian Pistachio Kernels

Iranian Pistachio Kernels

In terms of production volume, Iran is the second largest producer of pistachios in the world, but in terms of quality, it is still a leader in the international arena.

In Iran, due to the suitable climate, there is a very high diversity in pistachio production.
Akbari (Super Long), Ahmad Aghaei (Long), KalleGhouchi (Jumbo), Fandaghi (Round) and Badami (Long) cultivars have the largest production volumes.
Although many other types are producing, the volume is not significant.

Variety in pistachio production leads to double diversity in pistachio kernels production.
Iranian pistachio kernels are producing and marketing in different qualities in the main centers of Kerman and Khorasan provinces of Iran.

Pistachio Kernel Production Center

Pistachio Kernel Production

As mentioned, the two main provinces producing pistachio kernels are Kerman and Khorasan.
Of course, other provinces, including Yazd, Damghan, Semnan and Markazi, also cultivate this strategic crop.

Factories and manufacturers active in this field often try to be close to the orchards.
This greatly reduces their side costs, although it is sometimes difficult for customers to access them.
For this reason, most pistachio kernel producers are located in Kerman and Khorasan provinces.
If you are searching to find a pistachio kernel factory, Kerman and Khorasan are that areas to search.

One of the active factories in this field is Artin Production Company, which is operating in Khorasan Razavi province.

Artin Pistachio Kernel Factory

Pistachio Kernel Factory

Artin production Factory is active in Khorasan province.
In this Factory, pistachio kernels are getting ready to offer in domestic and international markets.

More volume among pistachio kernels is as follows:

  • Purple Skin Kernels
  • Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels
  • Wild Pistachio Kernels
  • Feyzabadi pistachio kernel (green belly and long shape)
  • Halved, Crushed, Granulated and Powder of Pistachio Kernels

Each of the above has its own target market and is distributing and exporting accordingly.
One of the features of this company for export customers is the performance of all customs procedures by the company itself.

For purchases of more than 3 tons from each of the pistachio kernels producing by the Artin factory, all customs affairs and obtaining health certificates are completely free of charge.

The sales office of this complex is in the city of Mashhad.
You can contact sales experts for more information as well as the current price of the products.

Sale of Pistachios Kernel in Iran

Pistachios Kernel Sale

The target market for pistachio kernels in Iran is very diverse and numerous.

Some of the main centers for buying pistachio kernels in the domestic market are:

  1. Confectioneries
  2. Ice cream makers
  3. Cooking
  4. Gaz and other delight
  5. Muscat and Lokum production
  6. Protein Products

This vast market can open the door to a very open business for pistachio kernels.
Some of these, such as ice-cream makers, mostly are seasonal.

Iranian Pistachio Kernel Export

Pistachio Kernel Export

For exporting pistachio kernels, the type of product and its quality are slightly different from the domestic sales load.
Of course, this largely depends on the destination country and the type of consumption in that area.

After determining the country and examining the health parameters approved by the customs and health departments of that country, the desired pistachio kernel is produced.

In pistachio kernel export, it always tries to make the product fresh and in the right packaging.
With this method, the quality of the final product will be much higher.

For pistachio kernel export, in addition to product quality, the type of packaging is also very important.
For example, for loads that are permissible in terms of aflatoxin, they must place in vacuum packages so that they are not damaged along the way.

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